Why Steem Dapps Matter! #SupportSteemDapps

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Ever since I started my journey on Steem, there has been a few applications that have gone above and beyond when it comes to supporting content creators on the blockchain...

@Dtube and @SteemPress

Obviously I don't wanna limit it to just these two, because there are amazing projects on this blockchain.But when it comes to my business and my journey here....These two have gone above and beyond for me!

So when @justinsunsteemit decided to rip away their delegation about 24 hours ago....I felt the need to express why these kind of applications MUST have the support of the Steem community...

I hope you join with me to #SupportSteemDapps in any way you can...

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One man against the whole community... And with his EGO he is killing STEEM blockchain and his OWN investment... It's crazy how EGO can provoke blindness in people and this is a perfect example...

He's going to lose his entire investment if this continues. I see a hard fork in the future. Very near future.

yeah... it's coming... He and CZ will play poker with STEEM tokens soon... or monopoly... :)

Great video Jon, and Justin just showed that his goal is to destroy the entire Steem ecosystem and try and force everyone over to Tron that way, he will fail because he just alienated the Steem Community even more.

Not only that I have yet to find anything that actually functions the way STEEM does on TRON!

Yes that is also correct, hosting the content on BTFS is not a replacement for blockchain hosting, might work for videos though, but it does not make the posts immutable and censorship resistant, but let's focus on saving Dtube, I just delegated 500 SP just minutes ago, stay awesome.

Sad, this has become nothing but a nut job show.

Yeah real sad, but let's save DTube, I just delegated 500 SP too, stay awesome.

I can feel your frustration and anger in this video. However, it is an opportunity for them to not depend on a delegation and find a Plan B.

A good example is Actifit or 3Speak!

That's why I delegated 5,000 Steem Power last night to these two projects. It's not Mr. Delegation levels, but if everyone in the community did a little bit, it would be amazing...

This is awesome!

After yesterday's delegation was lifted, I do not know are people thinking about leaving Steem? Or thinking some differently? But yes, it is true that under such circumstances people's confidence in the blockchain is diminishing, which carries a bad message for its future.

By the way I am still hoping the situation will be okay within short of time.

In the long run, this community will survive. Just under which brand, not sure lol

Fear drives a lot of misguided motivation
When one entity is afraid of the strength of another and tthat one entity has the capacity to buy and destroy. they thing they have all the power, however I feel that the community will always stay strong, no matter the adversity.

Microsoft used to do it to the little guys, what JS doesnt understand is

  1. he is not Microsoft
  2. the community is not the little guys

Great points man, very good points indeed!

I hope people who couldn't see the bigger picture about Justin can see what's happening now. I've been reading tons of comments on Twitter from Justin's fans and their brain just works in one way dude! They support this man without even bothering to take a look at how he destroys a whole ecosystem (Steem Blockchain)

After yesterday's fiasco with the dapps, I think the only solution is to move on to another chain. It's been almost a month since the #steemhostiletakeover and I don't think it will ever stop. I hope I am wrong but that's what my guts is telling me.

Yeah it's sad on so many fronts man. I hope it doesnt come to that, but no one seems to be budging. That being said, I know Steem will support Steem no matter where we end up LOL