It's Crypto Mondays - Dtube Forum Is Coming!

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What a fantastic show we had tonight....

Lots of fun talking about @clicktrackprofit sponsorship of the upcoming Dtube Form in Germany later this year....

We're so pumped up for this opportunity to highlight both the amazing content creators on Dtube and Steem...But also the CTP community and all their amazing work over the past few months.

And oh yeah...We also talked 'soft fork' and all the FUN TIMES on the blockchain this past weekend!

Exciting times ahead :)

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I thought DTube had folded or something. They coming back?

Nah man, still kicking butt...They are still here :)

I have not heard anything about DTube folding. Actually the developers are improving DTube: DTube Mainnet: Launch date & adjustments.

I didn't hear anything either. I just know they were having issues for the longest time and people had stopped using them. When I tried visiting there a couple months ago there didn't seem like much activity was going on.

I look forward to it, used to enjoy some of the DIY videos.

Great show and I'm glad I was there in-live!

Sponsoring Dtube Forum will be a great continuation of really great start of this year! We are slowly getting where we want to be...

Thanks man, awesome to have you there too! Yeah things are about to get very exciting (as if they werent already lol)

You guys do a great job of sharing this information that makes it accessible for everyone! Very much appreciate your philosophy of everyone doing well.

Appreciate that Lisa, thanks for the kind words!

If anyone wants to share any video from YouTube to dtube how he can avoid censorship or spamming to get flagged

Is it enough to decline rewards and mentioned original source of content

I would not try to earn money with someone else's work. Declining rewards and mentioning the original source should be a must in those cases. Except if the content is licensed under Creative Commons or any similar license. Or if the author(s) of the original content allowed you to earn money with his/her/their works. Then you can earn money with the video, but mentioning the original source should still be a must.

Brother I also don't like to get rewards from others content or work

Butt there are many videos on top social media platforms and original owner of content have no problem and allow others to use it for any legal or ethical purpose

If someone want to share this content on steem blockchain or any other dapp with proper source I think it should not be flagged by group on discord and steemit just for getting some rewards by downvoting ,we should leave it's up to community and users to decide whether they give upvotes and downvotes

I am trying to explain this problem there are some groups on steemit and discord if there leader downvoted on any post they all downvoted it

I personally use all original content I created myself.

If I do use a graphic or something, I'll always give source and credit.

I'm not too concerned about it, if I do get censored, I'm building on Steem as well. It's a lot easier to upload to YouTube and then send it to Dtube. For me at least.

I am talking about someone else content not my own

It was a great show Jon lots of Awesome information.

Thanks man, appreciate the comments!

Great show Jon, and real nice to see you sponsor Dtube Forum, stay awesome.