The Word With Bird #1 - Boom Or Bust This Year?

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We chatting crypto and what not for this very first show of a new series.

@BirdInc & @D00k13 from different walks of life discuss their blockchain and crypto interests in this Live Series. Cam Stubbs, aka D00k13/D00k13DotCom, is a hyper focused crypto content creator and community leader heavily focused on aiding new users discover the benefits of decentralized socials. David Bird, aka BirdInc, is a well known face amongst the blockchain circles having been involved in project relations such as Steemit, Blurt and DTube.

First Show

In this first ever stream Cam and David talk about future plans, where this stream may go and most importantly how they wish it to add value to the One Love Community.

The Original DTuber's Talk Tomorrow

Do you wish to join us and earn 10 DTUBE as the highlighted OrignalDTuber? Get ahold of @d00k13 aka Cam Stubbs in the Official DTube Discord OR Telegram.

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