Taking A Look At The UI Changes - One Love Dev #FromTheHeart 2021-03-21


This is a weekly chill and chat session linking developers with users and stake holders. We wish to inspire conversation and communication between users and developers but most importantly provide a place for all our Leaders to project any message and get the needed feedback desired.

Today's Live Topics

From TechcoderX to summarize frontend changes (preview on https://dtube.techcoderx.com/):

  • Author tip field
  • Avalon API based image proxy
  • Increased slider handle size
  • Added fallback gateway system on thumbnails
  • Replaced thumbs up icon with bolt symbol for VP overlay
  • Fixed vote weight settings reset
  • Fixed graphene only voting on content posted on Avalon
  • Fixed video duration overlay
  • Fixed watch history freezing on load
  • Fixed graphene comments parsing

From TibFox highlighting the #OriginalDTuber Challenge

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