Hollywood In The House - Lockdown Day #9

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Today's topic is how families can live under the same roof 24/7/30... :) As it was day 9 of lockdown in Spain, and it's Monday, it was a complete craziness in my apartment... Just to clarify, I live in a 50-60 square meters apartment with my wife and teenage son...

So, can you imagine the situation where my wife is giving piano classes over the Internet, through WhatsApp almost the whole afternoon... In the same room, I'm trying to focus and work my stuff, and in the other room, my son is doing online school and talking with his teacher over WhatsApp... lol... And today is just Monday...

So, it's a real challenge to stay focused and do YOUR job, but we like challenges, didn't we? :)

Oh, yes... Just to keep the positive side of this lunatic situation... If you have some joke about this current world situation, please write it down in the comments and if it is good, I will say it at the end of the next video... :)

Take care, ~ph~

Recipe for keeping Coronavirus away...

  • Wash your hands more regularly, and a minimum of 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth or nose,
  • Keep distance when you are on the street (if you are not in a lockdown),
  • Stay home if possible
  • Wear masks if you have symptoms

Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley https://soundcloud.com/scottbuckley
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

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The bunny knows the truth 🤣
You have a small apartment like me..at least you have that terrace to go outside for a min lol

Terrace, outdoor stairways, indoor stairways, apartment entrance from the outdoor hallway... Small pleasures in this time... lol

Wise Bunny... :) Give me some good name for the bunny... you are good with branding... :)

Ha ha ha, and thats what happens when you go outside these days, you transform into some kind of Magical beast, ears and all :)

Or, maybe it's reverse... This happens when you are LOCKED in the house for longer time... lol

  ·  16 days ago (edited)

Stay strong my friend! Try headphones if you haven't already, when both you and your wife are working online in the same room at the same time (and at least one of you needs to talk).

You got to the point! :) Headphones are MUST! :) Luckily we have both a couple BEFORE the lockdown...

cheers from @cryptobrewmaster!

We fully support the Hive migration and standing against the Justin Sun regime!

Together we strong!

Hive on! And see you on Hive -


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