How to Optimize Your dCity To Maximize Your Income

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dCity is a game that is based on Hive blockchain. You can build your virtual city on dCity and optimize your city to maximize your income. In this video, we are going to talk about that. Let's watch this video.

When you buy cards, you can buy cards that have higher SIM income. For example, factory, bank, ad agency, and so on. You can have technology like basic automation, ECO energy, GEO farming, etc. If you have a law firm, your tax will be deducted.

So what do you do to maximize your city income? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for watching the video.

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Wow that is a big city, and thanks for the great advice on how to maximize income, I really just started my dCITY and will work to expand it as I go, this was very helpful.

It always feels great when you see familiar faces.
Welcome to dCity,@flaxz!
Let's have some fun and enjoy the journey! :)


you seem to have become a Dcity expert. helpful tips for players

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There are many dCity experts. I just share what I'm learning on the way.
Thank you @jzn for your feedback!

its good to share what you learn

it important to share information and it will be useful to someone :)
you're welcome!!

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great you have a good city.

Thank you. I've been building this city for a couple of months. It's fun to be on dcity.

amazing and really help full video

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