Is anyone else just very tired?

in Longevity Fitness6 months ago

We are only into the second week of 2021 and I'm just feeling tired.

Last week I got basically nothing done after Wednesday, and then that just snowballed to the point where I didn't want to get anything done. Then when I wasn't getting what I needed done, I started eating like crap, then I started sleeping like crap. Now, I'm behind on the year for work and still tired.

Getting back on track

This morning I decided to stop, just stop beating myself up, and work to get back on track over the long term, stop worrying about RIGTH NOW. That's kind of why I'm posting here. Thinking longevity, long term, etc.

First, get ONE THING DONE. I only have a single thing on my task list today which I'm starting once I hit publish. I will probably get more than that done, but that one thing. That's the only thing that's critical. Even if that takes me all day, that's not going to be a problem for me.

I'm prioritizing sleep

That's it. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get back on it when I'm rested.

When I'm rested I know I will be moving more, eating better, etc. Until I'm feeling like me again, there will only be one MUST DO task on my task list every day.

What do you do to get yourself back on track when you aren't feeling like doing it?