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According to Jewish mysticism (Kabalah), there is a metaphysical explanation for what was before the Big Bang.

Before the beginning of time, there was only infinite light, or infinite energy, whatever you want to call it. This infinite energy represented infinite desire to give, infinite pleasure, infinite altruism, in other words, this energy would be God. There was no distance and no time.

One day (for unknown reasons), God or the infinite light decided to create a vessel. The only desire of this infinite light is Giving, so it created an infinite vessel with attributes opposite to light. This vessel has infinite desire to receive, and is infinite lack. The vessel has no consciousness of its own, and in receiving the infinite light it receives infinite pleasure, but at the same time, it receives the intelligence of the light.

The vessel realizes that the best thing to do in that infinite place is to Give because that is what the light does, and the light receives nothing. So the vessel refuses to receive the light, and wants to learn to give as the light does. This action of the vessel to refuse to receive the light generated a vacuum in infinity, the vessel broke, and within that vacuum there was distance, and time began, that vacuum is the Big Bang, our universe...

A bit crazy this, but it is an interesting way of conceiving the origin of the universe.