Caturday with Yoda

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Good Day Guys

Here are some photos that I took last May 2020 of our cat named Yoda.

Yoda is a really cute cat. There are times when I use my computer he would jump on my desk and just sleep there like a baby. Here's one instance where he hopped on my table and he was staying on the right side of my desk near the mouse. Doesn't that color suit his name? He also transferred and went to the keyboard and just slept there, I didn't bother to disturb him anymore. Because he was sleeping peacefully.



This was him today, he just randomly hopped on my desk and stayed in the exact same corner of the table.

I was just rubbing his head and he eventually slept like a baby. It's really stress relieving to have something to pet him. I noticed that he got a lot fatter compared to a year ago.

Later that day when I was about to sleep, our dog started scratching my door which was really unusual. I opened it and went outside and I spotted Yoda sleeping like a baby on top of our couch.

Eventually, Pierre who's our dog disturbed his sleep and woke Yoda up. Yoda just looked pissed that he was disturbed during his sleep. I really find it funny whenever he puts his paws on top of Pierre's head. It's like telling him to stop.

Here's another photo of Yoda last May 2020, he was wearing one of the shirts of Pierre. He really looks so good whenever he wears clothes.
This is him in the present when we tried putting on clothes on him. When he doesn't like the feeling of it he's smart enough to remove it himself. I never expected to take care of a cat in our household. But I'm really amused at how trained he is. He knows where to do his business which is in his litter box and the most important thing is that he doesn't steal food from our table. I just love petting him because he's so fluffy.

If ever you own a cat, I hope that you guys are having fun with them!

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .




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Cats always take control of the dogs lol (those who aren't aggressive of course)

Hahaha, It's really cool to see him manipulate our dog. Though it's so funny that our cat leaves some food for our dog. I just love their relationship