Hive-engine Light Node

As I sit here in my recliner this evening, writing this post at 9:40 PM I think about the day I put in and my hive-engine light node I am running.


There are currently 44 active nodes. Full and light. And to tell the truth I don't understand why there are not more.

I got into it when @blainjones put out a call when the node they were using went down. Hope I am stating that correctly.

It took some work and a lot of help. I know know how to restart it and all that good stuff.

I need to build. I need to keep adding to my worker bee tokens and staking them.

You can help. Visit Primersion and give an upvote.

Even if you don't have any worker bee tokens yet you still can support. If you get some they will automatically be added to the support.


Those are all the wonderful people who showed their support so far.

I have now been up for 16 hours.

I start my day with ListNerds and Hive. I go to my day job. Monitor Hive and my node when I can at work. I come home, have supper and usually do chores to about 8 PM. Then I work my Hive, read, comment, etc.

And sometimes like this evening I do a second blog post.

Have a great one all.