Hive words Creation

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Hive words Creation

Today I created Hive words Gif
creation by using Animator
and Gif maker
for mobile phone.

I dicided to create like fire because
Hive price is increasing slowly. So
Firstly I drew Hive words like fire
and fill Red Yellow and orange


After that I finished creation by
using Animator and editing


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I can not use internet daily because
of military coup in Myanmar country.
Everyday we are hearing
gun sound. The military shut down
mobile phones internet. So we can
only use Wifi. But wifi is very expensive.
If we want to use wifi we have to tea
shop and restaurant. On the others hand
the military control some roads or places.

Today I try to get internet and
create this post.

How would like my creation?

Have you got any suggestion?


We are meeting here by one commenting.
I am very active in commenting. I had some power in Hive Engine. And you can get
some H E tokens from my voting
to your comment.



Thank You all...

Have a nice day!


All gifs make by @myanmarkoko



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