HIVE is showing a good consolidation

in #hivelast month

Hello Folks of Hive-Leo,

It's nice to see a strong HIVE when BTC is doing a correction. Since yesterday HIVE have reached over 400 Satochis and have crossed till 514 Satochis. It was a nice move. Personally I am appreciating a good consolidation of HIVE since a couple of weeks.

Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 4.09.48 PM.png

I am waiting to get my pay-check to convert some HK Dollars to HIVE. But who knows if it will continues of good buy moment?

Lets see how HIVE continues next days. Maybe the correction of BTC is benefiting HIVE. Its price at the moment of this post (22-January 2021) is 432 Satochis.

Enjoy the HIVE Ride!