New Presentation Skill Certification Received!

in #hive15 days ago (edited)

Today I finished a FREE certification on certifying me as a Certified Presentation Guru!


It's actually a really good course to give you some information on how to build a really good presentation for just about any situation.

They follow each section up with a short quiz and final exam at the end to indicate to them that you're understanding the information that they're presenting.

In the end, you received the certificate that you see above, which you can add to your LinkedIn profile or NFT collection or something.

My plan is to now use the information to make different kinds of videos for my odysee channel. They gave me different styles that I can adapt to different use cases.

Right now I'm focused on making outro commercial presentations for my affiliate links. Once I get a few that are professional-looking enough I'll have some quality content that I can tag onto the end of whatever vlogs, tutorials, or other longer presentations that I do.

I'd also like to make periodic longer presentations, but for right now I just want to practice different styles while I figure out topics to do a long-form post on.

And of course, me being a crypto guy I'm a find a way to add this as NFT for my profiles. I won't list this for sale, but hopefully, if anyone sees this displayed in my collections they may say "Hey! He's put time into learning how to create presentations. Let me see what he's presenting on his channel!"

But if you're looking to improve your skills as a person who is new to presentations, this course is super short and definitely worth the time in my opinion.

Be sure to check it out here: