The Hive Power Blitz Contract!

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While looking at how some other smart contracts work on other blockchains, I was thinking about how we can do these things.

I have 0 technical knowledge on how to make any of this happen.

This is really just a fun game of “what if”, but If anything like this already exist on hive please let me know in the comments, I’d like to participate.


The Hive power blitz contract would be for people who really want to grow their HP. There are a lot of people working towards specific HP goals who probably like to gamify that journey a little bit to help reach those goals a little quicker.

The game would work like this!

  • Everybody in the contract agrees to receive 0 liquid post payouts for a certain amount of time.
    (Is there a way to set your payouts to 100% HP across all hive dapps? And can we do this by clicking 1 button?)

  • The longer you lock your payouts on 100% Hive Power the bigger upvote you’ll receive from the contract’s vote bot for that period of time.

  • To enter the contract the user will also have to follow the voting trail at a certain percentage to receive upvotes.

The penalty for weak hands would have to be harsh though! If the user decides they want out of the contract early, the punishment would be something like this.

  • You no longer receive upvotes from the upvote bot

  • For the remaining time you had left in the contract a portion of your payouts are split between people who are still in the contract.
    (Is there a way to automatically set the people in the contract as beneficiaries)

There could be little contest for earning extra delegations, or hive engine tokens, or splinter land cards and stuff to promo the game. Maybe highlight post of the week from people who are in the contract.

Just little extra stuff to make it fun and allow people to benefit by being a part of the game.

But yeah POWH on hive. Would this be a fun way to risk your payouts to help you reach dolphin status faster or am I overthinking the blockchain?

If you’re someone who builds on hive, is something like this even possible?

Let me know what you think?