My road to 1000 HP

in hive •  14 days ago 

Thought I would share my road to 1K HP.


As you can see I am getting close. You can also see the amount of HP I have leased. My current goal is to stay around a total of 10K HP total so I can give good up votes.

I may increase that as that is what I have been doing but I am comfortable where I am at.

So once I hit 1K my next road will be the trip to 10K HP.

With ctptalk I am almost at the 50K token mark with almost 43K staked. Would have more but I been spending some. All good. Next goal there is 75K staked.

Have a safe day all.


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That's a decent goal. You don't have very far to go. I followed a similar approach when I was starting out. I was renting enough to have around 10,000 HP. Right now, I have some delegations coming in and some going out. My goal now is to have enough HP so that I can have 25,000 effective HP without having to rent any HP to make up for my outgoing delegations.

Are you on the bunny list? If not, you should consider joining. It would help you get to your goal faster by fluffing up your rewards when someone with low HP votes for you.

You can read all about it here.

I think I am

So once I hit 1K my next road will be the trip to 10K HP.

Don't forget the 5K goal! That's when you will become DOLPHIN! :) You will be there in no time...

Dolphin is about 5130 HP right now to be more precise. It goes by Mvest rather than by HP. The number of HP per Mvest varies. Minnow is 1 Mvest, then you just multiply by 10 for each level after that. So dolphin is 10 Mvest, orca is 100 Mvest, and whale is 1000 Mvest. Right now it's about 513 HP per Mvest. If we check again tomorrow, it might be a different number.

>>> hive = Hive()
>>> hive.get_hive_per_mvest() * 10

Thanks for these insights! I didn't know that it is connected to Mvests...


Keep up the awesome work. You will get there sooner than you think. 🙌😊💗

Thanks my friend :)

I think you should take part in HPUD. If you win then you can get nice delegation.

I should.