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When I started working on the internet I thought that everyone wants the best for me and it really is what they promote the best.

How quickly I was surrounded by many links and I didn't get anywhere .......


All it was was a waste of money and it took me years to finally realize this now.

Most deals are such that as long as you have money and pay someone, everyone is friendly ....


When we run out of it ..... what do we have left?

I know most learn from their experiences which are good and bad, but I will still advise you the following .....


  1. Be the owner of the site - think twice because if you are not ready to invest it will be hard work

  2. Choose your main goal well and focus on a maximum of 2, because you can quickly find yourself in a circle

I made these mistakes and I hope it taught me and my daily focus is to get back into the daily routine with Hive Blog

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If we spread ourselves too thinly nothing will get done well. Mistakes are the best teachers when we listen closely to the their message. Some us, ME, are hard learners🤣

You say that right Lisa

Most of the people on the internet actually want our money. It's good to be aware of that and look into things like hive where we actually profit when our friends earn money and stake it!

Yeah took me years to realise it.lol

the best part about mistakes is that you will take them later as an experience.