Hive Today - October 10th, 2020

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Hive Today - October 10th, 2020

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Welcome back for another dose of weekly Hive news. This is the sixth edition of Hive Today. The goal here is to summarize development updates and other announcements to provide a curated news digest for the Hive community. Hive Today is published every Saturday.

If there are specific stories or events missing here please leave a comment. Folks who contribute to improving HiveToday's content are added as a beneficiary next week.

If all the game and app updates here don't get you excited about Hive's future, I don't know what will. Let's go!


Hive Chain News

Hive HF24 is the big topic this week. The Hard Fork date set for October 6th slipped twice, leaving many Hivers wondering: have we forked yet? The answer is no, not yet. [info]

While many pieces of the network were ready to go on 10/6, several dApps raised concerns of impending breakage. The hard decision was made by Hive’s witnesses to buy more time for apps to test. Ramming the fork through would’ve rendered apps unstable or even unusable. The new date is set for 10/14.

Meanwhile, something significant did happen this week, which seems overlooked. Our decentralized community recently finished writing the Hive Whitepaper. A stable version was released this week and it's now available for reading on the website: I hesitate to call it a "final version". Shouldn't this be a living document that evolves with the community?


Hive-Powered Games

Hive is home to a growing number of blockchain games. Many of these games are free to play. All you need is a Hive wallet.


@Holybread dev @Simplegame shared a development update this week. The team is continuing to work on major changes, and we got a taste of what's coming. Holybread is moving to a dungeon-crawling play style. There will be "seasons" of play and a "live world". This is similar to Diablo III, where all players start from nothing at the start of a new season. Players will have options to move assets between the "season" world and live world. [info]

Rising Star

This week the @RisingStarGame team made 2 updates. First, they rolled out a new mission type called "Band Rehearsal 2" in the "Country Tour" zone of the game. This and other updates are made in preparation for the November 1st BETA release. [info]

Second, in response to popular demand Rising Star added a storage feature. This allows players to remove cards from play without transferring the NFT to a separate account. You might want to do this if one card adds thousands of fans and pushes your ego off the charts. High ego reduces STARBITS earnings from missions. [info]


This week, the @Splinterlands team announced a significant change to account creation. They are expecting a high volume influx of new players, many of whom may not buy a starter pack. These players don't necessarily need a Hive wallet until they upgrade their account. In order for these new players to play, they need to be able to send transaction to the Hive network, and Splinterlands will rely on what's called "proxy transactions" for this purpose. Skipping unnecessary account creations will enable the player base to scale much more easily. And when players are ready to go premium and reserve their name on Hive, they'll get their own wallet and keys. [info]

Splinterlands also provided on update on the Uniswap DEC liquidity pool and LAND incentives. A few other API changes were made including removing the 3rd party market parameter which was being abused by some advanced players to avoid paying market fees. [info]

DYGYCON is ON! Splinterlands is hosting a virtual reality expo on October 31st, 2020. They are seeking volunteers to help prepare and run the event. [info]


Hive-Powered dApps and Tribes

Hive powers a growing number of decentralized apps (dApps). Since they all live on the same chain, one Hive account can be used to access every app.

Most dapp teams held off on major updates this week, considering the Hard Fork activities and possible turbulence.


In their weekly development update the @dbuzz team mentioned they are holding off an a major site upgrade until after HF24 is settled. While most of the team's time is focused on HF preparations, several bug fixes were deployed. See the bugfix notes on the post: [info]


This week @Lensy made an update to their site. A long list of sub-categories has been added, such that photographers can use the labels for organizing and filtering photo NFTs. Additional gallery search filters for "Recently Updated" and Image Size have been added as well. [info]


Once again, it is tough to keep up with all the advancements of the @LeoFinance tribe. Four topics to cover today.

First, the team announced a change in the curation curve, the algorithm for deciding how curation rewards are calculated. The intent of this change is to encourage manual voting, more similar to tipping the content creator. Going forward, curation rewards will follow a simple, linear model. It won't matter when you vote, as long as you vote within the 7 day curation window. When you vote on a post, 50% of your vote value comes back to you as a curation rewards. If your vote is worth 2 LEO, then you will get 1 LEO back as the curation reward. [info]

Second, LeoFinance team shared a monthly ad revenue report. As the LeoFinance tribe grows and more traffic comes to the site, ad revenue continues to grow as well, reaching new All Time Highs in the month of September. Ad revenue is used by Leo to buy back LEO tokens from the market and burn them, decreasing the total supply. In September, $555.53 USD worth of Leo was purchased and burned. [info]

Third, an exciting LeoFinance V2 roadmap update was shared. V2 includes LeoInfra database which will power the next generation of Leo apps, and enable integration with Ethereum and other blockchains. V2 will be deployed in 2 phases, first phase for LeoInfra/Eth integration, and 2nd phase for core UI enhancements. Phase 1 is already being tested by early adopters, releasing for general availability very soon. Phase 2 release will follow about a month after. There's a ton of stuff covered in their post, and it's worth a careful read. [info]

Lastly, the team shared an update on the wLEO Uniswap pool and incentives for liquidity providers. The wLEO/ETH liquidity pool is nearing $400,000 USD. Every 2-4 weeks an additional incentive is paid out in LEO tokens. The first payout was distributed this week, and a pool of thousands of LEO tokens were sent to 56 wallets. [info]


The @PeakD Hive DAO proposal is being funded! This week PeakD's proposal received enough stake votes to receive funding from the decentralized hive fund (DHF). The DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization, which allows the community to decide which projects to fund.

This week the PeakD team held a live AMA (ask me anything) event in their Discord server. The team answered community questions for about 2 hours. There's a recording somewhere, and I'll add a link here once I find it.


Hive Community Contests and Initiatives

Hivers love contests. Many communities run weekly or monthly contests to encourage content creation and engagement. A good place to find contests is the "contest" tag. Good luck, have fun!

Raffles and Giveaways


Upcoming Hive Community Events and Meetups

Upcoming Events

  • @Lensy photographer's get together - October 11th, at 7pm EST [info]
  • Twitter HiveChat hosted by the one and only @VictoriaBSB - October 13th, at 1200 UTC.
  • The new day of Eclipse - Hard Fork 24 - October 14th, at 1400 UTC. [info]
  • @Splinterlands DYGYCON virtual event - October 31st, 2020. [info]


  • @thesocalhive (virtual) meetup: Tuesday 10/13. Weekly on Tuesday night at 8pm PST in SoCal Hive discord.


You made it to the end! Thanks for reading. This is edition #6 of this Hive news digest.

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This is awesome to see PeakD has finally been funded yay! Such a worthy Dapp and one of my favorite ones!!

@LeoFinance is on fire....I love seeing what they are doing. I have been grabbing a little more of the LEO token too. :)

Thanks so much for your weekly paper. It always has great info, some of which we might have missed. I remembering doing the HIVE update videos & whew, it was hard to keep up with all of the excitement lol. Great job!! :)

Thanks pixie. Yes! Congrats to @peakd, well deserved.

Cool updates! Thanks for this summary 😉👍🏼 hmm just to mention HF issues driving some codes crazy as @risingstargame sent to my account multiple cards that I had to send back. I wasn't aware of the duplicate ones sent. So I wish the HF will go smoothly.

Cool to see @dbuzz updates featured. @chrisrice will be happy. But users like me will be happier once @dbuzz gets linked to twitter 😉👍🏼

That's crazy. I hope your card situation is sorted out swiftly.

Wow that's a shame @iamraincrystal, sorry to hear what happened w/ @risingstargame.

I'm not a Gamer but I am still a fan of all #HiveGames..

P.S. I'm waiting for the Buzz-to-Twitter too!

Thanks for updates on what goining on hive

Thanks for reading!

Nice to get to see the Hive White paper!! Most of it is obvious stuff to a long time user like myself, but I still found it was pretty interesting to read it.

Me too!

Well done, and very helpful! 😎

Thanks for stopping by and giving your support, Brian! Appreciate you.

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