HiveToday - November 7th, 2020 - HiveFest5 is coming!

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After a brief hiatus last week we are back for another riveting episode of HiveToday.

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Hive Chain News

HiveFest5 is coming! @roelandp is hosting the 5th Hive community get-together, and it will take place in virtual space on December 18th, 2020. Anyone with an internet connection can join for free. But wearing a VR headset for the event will hugely improve the experience. [info]


Hive-Powered Games

Hive is home to a growing number of blockchain games. Many of these games are free to play. All you need is a Hive wallet.

CryptoBrewMaster adds new Market building and tweaks the pub [info]
dCity updates on upcoming 3rd edition cards [info]
Rising Star launch BETA on November 1st and added 26 new cards. [info]
Splinterlands adds lottery system for land region presales [info]


Hive-Powered dApps and Tribes

Hive powers a growing number of decentralized apps (dApps). Since they all live on the same chain, one Hive account can be used to access every app.

Ecency open sources website and desktop app code

@Ecency is a Hive network site which offers a rich social blogging experience. It also has a popular mobile app for iOS and Android. This week, the Ecency team announced the code for their new website and desktop app is now open source on GitHub. [info]

EtherChest NFT presale starts on November 11th

@etherchest is a new and upcoming app the Hive blockchain. Users will be able to purchase NFTs, make and join guilds, and share earnings from ETH 2.0 staking. EtherChest's NFT presale is starting on Wednesday November 11th. info]

HivePay launched a new eCommerce solution for Hive and Hive-Engine token payments

HivePay is a software tool for online stores which enables payments in Hive or more than a hundred hive-engine tokens. It also provides a feature to easily calculate exchange rates from 171 different fiat currencies, to make it easier for international shoppers to determine how many coins/tokens they need. The team behind ClickTrackProfit, the CTP Hive community, and TheHiveGuide unveiled this week. [more info]

PeakD announces Hive node beacon project

Starting even before Hive hardfork 24, Hive API nodes have been somewhat unstable. This is caused by significant changes made to Hivemind in the latest version. And the Hive core dev team has been hard at work fixing these bugs. In parallel, the PeakD team has released multiple features to help improve the user experience. Like we covered last time, PeakD has a new option to automatically switch nodes when there's a problem.

About a week ago, @asgarth posted about a new tool called the Hive node beacon project. The tool works by periodically pinging different nodes to test their status for various APIs. This is what PeakD uses under the hood to decide when to switch nodes. The code is open source such that it can be used by other Hive app developers. [info]


Hive Community Contests and Initiatives

Hivers love contests. Many communities run weekly or monthly contests to encourage content creation and engagement. A good place to find contests the "contest" tag. Good luck, have fun! I listed just a few below to get you started.

  • Amazing Nature community's weekly contest. [info]
  • @bucipuci's Around the World Challenge - 2 HBD prize pool [info]
  • @detlev's Beer Saturday - beer story and photo challenge [info]
  • @uwelang's Sun Thursday, 10th Edition - photography challenge [info]
  • @yourtop3's monthly contest - November - name your Favorite Ice Cream Flavors [info]

Raffles and Giveaways


Upcoming Hive Events and Meetups

Upcoming Events

  • Splinterlands Land Presale event @ November 7th, 11AM ET. [info]
  • HiveFest5 (virtual conference) - December 18th, 2020 @ AltspaceVR [info]


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Great news all over the place and nice list of links that would fulfill the needs of any Hiver. Cool to see a Hive Fest born from this initiative and spread the word about this ecosystem which deserves much more and is undervalued. Transformation is soon to come.

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Yes! I didn't not expect HiveFest to be happening before end of 2020. Very exciting!

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I'm excited about Hivefest. Will have to see about getting a VR headset. Just about to try and buy Splinterlands plots. There may be a stampede for those.


Yes! I bet the land will sell out VERY fast.


When the time came the site crashed. It just kept refreshing for me and I had no chance to buy any. Others were lucky. I have to say this was a farce. Some big investors got the regions, but regular players had little chance. I did take part in a pool, but it did not get anything. I was only after 2 or 3 plots anyway. They have to treat the players better. There were enough plots to give everyone the option of buying a couple and then could have done the rest by lottery. There are a lot of unhappy people.

Maybe they can do a lottery system next time to make it more fair.

That would be better. It's like trying to buy concert tickets. If everyone tries to buy at once something is likely to crash.

Those who have played thousands of battles ought to deserve the chance to get some land. @aggroed is admitting it went badly on Discord. They need to learn from this for the next batch.

hard luck steev. Im sure they will improve it for the next phase. They have to look after their player base.... theyve really upset people with the way this was handled. In the past theyve been pretty good at making amends I think?

You have to hope it can be better. Pissing off the players is not a good move.

I didn't see the news about HiveFest5! Thanks for sharing that... I should work less, to catch these great things earlier... :)

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