Water: Things we take for granted

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Today, was my day off, and I woke up late.
When I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I noticed that the water pressure was low. But, managed to brush my teeth.
But, could not take a shower as the water pressure was very low. This was the first panic moment.

Shoot, no water to shower.
Today is laundry day.
I have so many utensils to clean.
And so on…

So, went down to check with my neighbor. I stay in a flat, on the first floor.
Enquired about the water pressure, and they came back, water pressure is fine. We don't have any problem.
My panic level increased.

There has been some water work going on but didn't think that would affect me.

I started looking around the building and found that water was flowing out from the ground, but there was no one to repair it.
Luckily, 30 minutes later, saw two guys on the site, where the water was flowing.
I went and spoke to them. They said it was a water leak and it would take a couple of hours to fix it.
That was an assuring moment, and my panic level was almost zero.
I thanked them and went back to my flat.

Few hours later, water was back, Yeah.
The repair will take a few days, but i am very happy that i can shower now 😀

But this experience made me think, that we take things for granted, and realize its importance only when it's gone or not there.

70% of our body is water
Millions of gallons of water are wasted.
Some people don't even get enough to drink.

So, stop taking things for granted and appreciate the things you have.
And don't waste precious water

Do comment, if you had a similar experience.

Have a nice weekend

Farhad kias


I am right with you there Farhad! Water is a resource that we too often take for granted. Where I live there are not issues with having enough water and for that I am very grateful .