Autovoting is boring

in #hive11 months ago

I really heavily use auto-voting for my favorite creators on this platform, and am also on a couple of great curation trails to encourage content that I believe in.

In the past I would set my minimum on to be around 75%, this meant that I was always voting for everything, but there wasn't really anything left for me to use for manual curation.

Until a couple of weeks ago this wasn't a big deal, I didn't have time for any social media, even #hive, but now I am back, and I want to manually curate again.

Changed it to 85%

So, I went into the settings and changed my maximum to 85% which gives me a couple good votes every day. It does mean that I miss some votes when I do that, but its more fun this way.

Too much auto

What made hive attractive to me is the community. There is no way that this platform would exist without an active community during the #steemhostiletakeover saga. If you have been back to that other one you will see what could have been. Its a mess.

Instead we have an amazing platform that is continuing to grow.

If all the mana was used for automatic voting we will lose this. Its not the same as paying for votes directly, but if I went on a marketing spree to encourage 100s of people to use a tool like and then coasted with crap content, it could be the same thing.

@steemauto has added some great tools to help prevent this, and with the defaults that are in place now I think we are safe.

What are you're thoughts on auto-voting?


I have not used auto-voting. After reading your post, I am going to check it out.

Definitely check it out. is my favourite solution.

I use in the same way you do. I have it set at 80% and it still leaves me room to manually vote on interesting posts I come across.

Since I did a lot of powering down I needed to up my minimum. I also don't like waiting more than a day to get all my mana back :)

You are right... Autovoting is boring, but a combination of auto and manual upvoting can be a good option... As I have more accounts for a specific use, I can't manually upvote on all of them, and auto voting is a good option for that...

But, for example, I'm doing 100% manual upvoting of CTPTalk content (CTP tokens), so I have decided to create a CTP Curation trail that will be focused ONLY on the content on that platform... So only manual quality posts curation, for maximizing CTP token rewards for authors and curators... You can check the trail, @ph1102.ctptrail


How many accounts to you operate? And why?

I see you have a CTP trail, that makes sense, but other than running trails, why multiple accounts?

I haven't thought about having more than one.

I'm doing 3 at the moment... My main one, which is this one... My oldest one which I'm using for playing games on the Hive blockchain (and I've messed up the name... lol...) and the CTP account that I'm using for curating posts especially for CTPTalk...

The idea, in the beginning, was to have separate accounts for different projects and niches... For example, I have an account of Splinterlands, and you like it and follow it... But, I decide to write about gardening also on that account... and you get bored, and unfollow it as you are not interested in gardening...

But, maybe that's only in my head... lol... I like to have things clean and tidy... :)

Oh, yes... and for upvoting others' comments... If I would do that with a lower % from my main account, you wouldn't receive anything as it would be under 2.5c (Hive rules)... If I upvote it with my CTP account, you will at least receive CTP tokens... (my way to thank you for your time)