Master Key Gone AWOL - Time to Power down...? 😬

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I keep on getting that alert on Peakd about my recovery account still being with Steem and therefore, suggesting that I change it ASAP.

This makes complete sense and I am thankful to the team @peakd for the gentle nudge each time I log in as we can't be complacent when it comes to the security of our accounts.

And the chances of me being able to recover my account via Steem I suspect is hovering around zilch...!

So I decided to take the time to change my recovery account. I started following the instructions on Peakd and all was going well until it asked for my OWNER or MASTER key.

I have my Active key and my Posting key but I can't seem to find my OWNER/MASTER key - and that's the Granddaddy!


I haven't given up looking for it just yet but if I can't find it, I figure the safest thing might be to power-down this Hive account and LeoFinance account and to transfer to a new account (where I will be more careful with my keys).

It would be a shame to dump this account though. I would probably keep 50 or so Hive in it so that I can keep it alive and reinstate it if I ever found the keys in the future.

Far from ideal, but I know I would be kicking myself if I somehow lost this account and couldn't recover it - and just my luck, Hive fulfils its potential and becomes a leading blockchain!

Better act now than regret it later, unless anyone has any better suggestions on how to find the Master key?

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash


hope you find it and you can use our key validator to help you identify which key is which... hope it helps

That's a great tool - thank you. Every key but the owner so far..!

wow, what a mess man

Yikes man! How on earth did you manage to lose the master? Did you have a hard copy printed out?

Fair play on the power down and account move if you need to! All the best with it