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I have been announcing a DCity giveaway for quite some time now, and it has finally arrived!

It's time for a DCity Giveaway

What is DCity?
Most people who will be reading this post on Hive will of course know what DCity is. It is a crypto game based on NFT Tokens. For those who are less familiar with Hive and Crypto/NFT Based Games, a little explanation.

The NFT Hype is currently in full swing. More and more people are getting interested in NFTs and a lot of people don't know where to start. Personally, I think Hive and in this case, DCity is a perfect way to start and collect your first NFTs. Aside from crypto art, NBA TopShot recently has recently gotten a lot a media exposure and has over 350.000 active NFT Collectors, including many NBA Players themselves. Spliterlands, a game that runs on Hive was named the cryptogame of the year 2020. But today, we focus on DCity, a blockchain city strategy game that has close to 2000 active Cities playing along.

To give a little more info on DCity, I've added a little informational video explaining some of the basics:

Why a DCity Giveaway?
It is always a good reason to do a giveaway. The main reason is I'd like to give a little back to the community, especially players that just started out. Also, now that my Education of my city is getting close to 1000 (which means my tech discovery is close to maxing out at 25%), I'm getting a lot of automation cards. I could of course sell the unnecessary cards on the market, but giving some to people who really need it sounds like a much better idea.

When will the DCity Giveaway take place?
Well, it starts right now and will run until Friday, April 16th at 23.59 GMT/UTC. The winners will be announced in a post on Saturday, April 17th.

How do I participate?
Participating is quite simple. You can enter the giveaway by commenting on this post. In your comment, you can motivate which of the available giveaway DCity cards you need the most and why. I will allow multiple entries, but only one entry per card per person, and each entry should be in a separate comment. Please motivate clearly.

"I'd love to win a Police equipment card because it will help get my crime rate to zero. I already have multiple Police Stations, so the extra 1% would really help to get the crime rate to 0"

Please note that this is just an example. Feel free to be as creative as you like.
Only DCity players are eligible for this giveaway. So, if you don't have a DCity yet, head over to DCity.io and get yourself one. If you are not familiar with Hive, you can make a Hive account first by clicking here.

What can I win (the cards)

For this giveaway, I'll be giving away the following 10 cards:
1x Police Equipment
1x Free Internet Connection
1x Fully Automated Brewery
1x GMO Farming
1x Egypt Background
1x Apartment
1x Basic Home
1x Park
1x Job Center
1x Scientist

So, a quick recap:
* Comment below which of the following cards you would like the win during this giveaway
* Everyone gets 1 entry per card. Multiple entries are allowed in separate comments, but not for the same card
* Entries are allowed until Friday, April 16th, 23.49 GMT/UTC
* Winners will be announced on Saturday, April 17th.

Have fun!!!




I bought some $SIM yesterday.

Dcity hype is real

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Just today the 3rd edition dates were announced! You got in just in time!

Oh boy... 3rd edition looks next level. We might need some new tutorials from more experienced players because I think most of us will be completely lost XD...

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Let's keep going

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Yes, very real. Especially with the 3rd edition on its ways.

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I would like to win the Job Center card because I am getting homeless and immigrants faster than I can train them (currently 18%). It will also allow me to use some of the unemployed people in my city.

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Your entry has been registered. Good luck!

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I would like to win the GMO Farming because I have focused on adding farms to my fairly new dCity and it would give me a nice boost to my income (if the taxes ever go down).

BlockchainGamingCommunity-v2.jpg Click on this banner to see other giveaways.

Yeah, I feel you... those taxes are killing us.

GMO Farming, solid choice.
Your entry has been registered. Good luck!

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i would really enojy getting a basic home the street is just so cold at night all i can do is lay there with my kogs is my pocket they are very cold as well i am tired of eating food out of the garbage and would really just enjoy a bed to sleep on i would like to get married and have kids but noone wants to come sleep with me under a bridge and i can have a child without a roof over my head and a lady so this is why i would like a basic home

Love the effort to make it an IRL scenario.
Your entry has been registered!

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I'd love to win a card with which I can start to play the game because I want to learn something new, playing Dcity.

You better head over to DCity.io and register your city :)..

Who knows you'll have a card already before this giveaway is over.

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I have already registered my city. In some of the tutorials people usually begin with a Basic Home card. In order to build up my population I would like to win a Basic Home card but any other card to increase my population is fine. I hope that it will be useful as I am a starter dCity player.

Good choice. Your entry has been registered!

Btw.. what is your city name. 'raishmi' or something else?

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raishmi's city

The link to my city is here.

Unfortunately, you can't link your city. If I click the link it goes to my own. But, you'll show up on the leaderboard tomorrow, so I'll be able to find you ;).

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@raishmi check your city. Just a little something to get started.

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OMG. Thank you so much!

How nice this free giveaway!
I would like to win the automated brewery because I like !BEER

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We all love BEER!

Your entry has been registered. Good luck!

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I would like to win the Park card, because I think it's a very useful card.

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Good luck to everybody!

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Police Equipment please

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 52 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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