DCITY GIVEAWAY: Winners Announcement!

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Last week I announced my first DCity Giveaway, planning to give away 10 different DCity NFTs, ranging from automations to backgrounds, citizen cards and homes. Today, I'm announcing the winners.

The DCity Giveaway Winners!


Congratulations! You've won a free Job Center. Your entry was exactly what I had in mind when I started this contest, to give people cards they really need. So, since you want to train and educate your citizens, I decided to give you a Free Internet Connection as well. This will boost your education by 5% and will help you get automation cards are little faster.


Congratulations! You've won a GMO Farming automation. This card completely fits your farming strategy, a strategy that I also had in my early production days! I had to buy my first GMO Farming card, but thanks to this contest, you don't have to! I also noticed you didn't have a background yet, so I also send you an Egypt background so you can farm in style.


I have to be honest. Your entry really cracked me up. It was funny and looking at your city, you were actually in need of a basic home. But a basic home alone just wouldn't cut it. So, I also included an Apartment as well.


When I realized your city was completely empty, I decided to gift you a couple of cards to start with. What I forget to realize was that with the current tax situation, there wouldn't be any SIM income. So, to give you a little bit of SIM Income, I'm giving you a Forest. It is a low risk high reward card when starting out and you don't need to purchase any cards to 'even it out'.


We all love BEER, but you deserve the double BEER production. Hope you will find some more Breweries on the cheap to further boost the BEER production. I added a scientist to your collection to make some specialty beers.


I have to say, you do love Parks. And as you find them very useful, giving you one Park just wouldn't be enough. So I added a couple of Parks that I wasn't doing anything with.


Your entry was short, but the message was clear. You want to get your crime down, and Police equipment can help with that. You, however, already have Police Equipment, so I was looking for something better suited. And I realized I had a spare Robocop. It is two tiers higher and actually doubles the Police Station Crime decrease. It's the best way I can help and if you can get a couple of Police Stations on the cheap, you can really take the crime rate down.

So, those were the full giveaway result, congrats to @jfang003, @moonthumb, @loudpackop, @raishmi, @friendlymoose, @eirik and @bitandi for winning your prizes, and good luck with your dcities. The DCity cards have already been distributed while writing this post. Also a special thanks to @nathanmars for the support, I send a little SIM gift your way.

Want to learn more about DCity?
Go to DCity.io and read the info page. Also, the much anticipated 3rd Edition drop this month!!

Want to learn more about Hive?
Interested in the Hive ecosystem? You can learn more about it on my website: jeanluc.sr/what-is-hive/



Cool! Thanks you so much! And thanks for the extra bonus. Your generosity is appreciated.

Also congratulations to @jfang003, @loudpackop, @raishmi, @friendlymoose, @eirik, and @bitandi. Enjoy your new cards as much as I do mine.

Glad you liked it! GMO Farming was a great card for me as it really helped my SIM income. Enjoy!

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Wow, thanks a lot jeanlucsr!

As my unemployment is increasing every day I should really start thinking about buying some factory cards, but I think it's probably smarter to just wait for the 3rd edition of cards.

What do you think?

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You're welcome. I was looking at your city and looking at the unemployment, but I figured you were looking at growing the city first, seeking balance later.

The best way to combat unemployment is to look at cards that provide a lot of workers without boosting your popularity too much. In my case finding Job centers, Research centers, and Universities on the cheap really helped to get the unemployment down. I think Nuclear Plants help as well, but they are a lot more expensive.

I think waiting for the 3rd edition makes sense and then slowly start bringing the unemployment down.

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Thank you for the job center and the free internet connection.

I have a question about the automation cards and what do you mean by them? I did buy a research center because I thought I would be able to mine some tech cards. But since I don't have 40 education, I am waiting for my city to start minting some more scientists.

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So the free internet connection give you 5% no matter how high your education is. So, If your education is at 40, the automation add 2 education points. If your education is at 100, it adds 5 to 105. And so on. So it is a slight bump. Every automation makes something in the game a little easier, based on your strategy.

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Thanks for the clarification.

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Glad to help.

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Cool, thanks! It was a bit quiet around dcity lately, but since the ediitionn3 cards are coming up I really should dig into it again.


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Yes, we are all excited about the 3rd Edition. There are some buildings where a scientist can be of use, so that's why I initially included it in the giveaway.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 53 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @jeanlucsr, here is a little bit of BEER from @friendlymoose for you. Enjoy it!

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