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RE: Project Activity Update

in #hivebuzzlast year

The revolution can take a pause, after all you did say it would take some time to develop the missions. One mission every other month, or every month, or even every six months would be fine. I know when I joined I was planing on leaving a little bit in steem, that changed with the steem HF, 3 weeks to go, and steem will be mostly fond memories.

Perhaps we can revolutionize Hive to change things that led to the fall of steem, we will see.


That is a good idea! Anyways we will keep the revolution in mind, but I think its better to pause it now and focus on other things! Thanks for your kind words and understanding @bashadow ❤️🙏

Stuff happens, at least you taught me how to do encrypted memo messages. So it was fun.


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