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RE: The Hive community is in mourning. Farewell @lizziesworld!

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Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this @arcange and also to @brittandjosie & @wesphilbin too. This brought me to endless tears this morning, but I know it would have made my mom smile from ear to ear!!!! I am eternally grateful, truly! - THANK YOU!!



I am so so sorry for you loss...I hope you and your family find comfort 😊

Hey there Jaynie please accept my condolences. I'm sorry to hear that mom passed away. My mom's second name is Elizabeth. May her soul be blessed with a better next birth, as she travels on the path toward liberation from rebirth.

Condolences to you @jaynie

My deepest condolences to you and your family. 💕


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My condolences @jaynie may she rest in peace.

Deepest condolences @jaynie , so sorry to hear about this.

It’s great loss. May god help you in your this hard time.

Peace to his soul, I send you an arm full of strength @jaynie.

She would be very happy watching her daughter and would definitely be feeling proud of you🖤

My deepest condolences for the loss of your mom. She is in best place possible for ever lasting peace, care and comfort.


Smiles are always good!! Makes people wonder what you are up to 😊

Nothing but love and positive energy your way my friend...