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RE: Feedback from the November 1st Hive Power Up Day

in #hivebuzz6 months ago

Thanks for the HELPER badge and for teaching me how to send powered up Hive! I had never taken time to learn how to do that before!


Glad you could lean it in a funny way @melinda010100

are there any difficulties with it? I wanna do it next time too!

No difficulties! It was simple and easy as powering up to send powered up Hive! Instead of powering up to your own account you put someone else's name in the box. Then Hivebuzz does all the work!

uh, I apparently imagined it in same way, thought it would not have any obstackles on the way. I have one or two FL-contributors in mind :P

You could also delegate to FL. And then do a post and try to win a delegation for the Community account!

I delegated... and delegated... and delegated. and will delegate more, probably adding each month a little. nobody cares. looks like I am the only person who is intrested in it. btw, I checked the f-friends wallet, and - voyla! - discovered two folks who wanted to contribute back. so sweet! the amounts are not great, but damn, it indicate the attitude! that matters... heh.

!ENGAGE 20 to you, Melinda.

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