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RE: The Hive community is in mourning. Farewell @lizziesworld!

in #hivebuzzlast year

As always, you honor us with your continued support and positive energy. I felt it only right to request this... I was raised with kindness and manners... this is something you do for family and loved ones. Thank you @brittandjosie for agreeing to help me out with this. And thank you @arcange and everyone at @hivebuzz...


I'm glad you came to me with this thoughtful request @wesphilbin.

I was not alone my friend. Merely voicing the wishes of all of us 👍

Its a team effort @wesphilbin that’s what the terminal is a friend team

Thank you @wesphilbin - Love you to bits! !tip 1.0

Mis sentidas condolencias..

🎁 Hi @wesphilbin! You have received 1.0 HIVE tip from @jaynie!

@jaynie wrote lately about: Dancing With The Angels - Rest In Peace My Beautiful Mother! Feel free to follow @jaynie if you like it :)

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Thank you, @wesphilbin. I'm so glad you and @brittandjosie thought of this and helped to make it happen. What a lovely tribute.