Hivelist and HiveHustlers Update for Mid January 2021

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Well hello everyone! It's been a while since a Hivelist update, well and that is because we have been a bit busy over here, lol. So by now, most of you are aware that @thelogicaldude has acquired the keys to the @hivehustlers castle! With this acquisition, we got all the tools we need to make the LIST token even stronger than before! We are giving you even more reasons to stake LIST tokens! We will get to all that, but we have other stuff to cover as well, so let's just get to it! Lots of info so strap in, haha.

New Logos and Icons and Other Additions

First off, if you have noticed in the last couple of weeks, we have been slowly changing the logos and icons from the old original logo, which we will still use occasionally, to our now logo, partially designed by the team at @dbuzz, with some personal touches by the Dude. We are excited to now have the logo all across the board now!




So as you can see, we have been giving Hivelist a bit of a facelift!

Also another addition you will see across all of the Hivelist pages,,, and the Hive nitrous front end,, is the new Discord chat widget! This widget puts you right into the Hivelist-Chat channel on the HiveHustlers Discord server!

Screen Shot 20210116 at 9.37.38 AM.png

This is from, which is apparently a very active Discord widget and it can get bogged down from time to time, but overall works pretty well! I know they are coming out with a new version soon as I have been in discussions with the team and it will be way more optimized and work allot better. But overall, it's a great addition to the site!.

We are working on getting more products in the, but that is not our priority at the moment with all the HiveHustlers stuff going... So let's talk about that!

HiveHustlers Community and the Hivecommerce Token

So as stated before, we have acquired the HiveHustlers Community and all that came with it. One major thing was all of the smart contracts needed to do the things we have been wanting to do for a while now. On top of that were a few domains that are going to come into play very soon!

First is! This domain is going to be the new face of the HiveHustlers community, and it will be exactly that, a full out community! What I am planning to build is a Hive Hybrid site. This is going to be a cross between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. It will be build using Wordpress and will have the ability for users to create an account or sign in using an existing social media account, and then, if they have a Hive account, they will be able to add their info into the profile, using the @exxp plugin, and choose to either post to the blockchain, or not!

We feel this will be a great bridge to be able to ease people into the Hive ecosystem. This will allow someone to be able to interact with the community without being a Hive member, so they can see why they need to be, and then can sign up for their own accounts!

Another reason we want to give an off-chain as well as on-chain posting solutions, well simply, not everyone wants everything they post to be on a blockchain forever... So we give the choice! Now of course off-chain posts will not be rewarded, that will hopefully push people to produce more on-chain content. The @exxp plugin also allows Hive members interact with posts even without being a member of the Hivehustlers site. It's allot to think about for now, but trust us when we say it's going to be pretty awesome! Been testing some things in the background and it's going to be a pretty robust site for sure!

One of the biggest parts will be a reference area for each of the major entrepreneurial communities, Hivelist, CTP, and LeoFinance, and a section for Dcity.

Newest posts for each community will be loaded into the site via RSS feeds and when the article is selected, will be opened in the perspective interface. For example, if someone clicks on a Hivelist post from the HiveHustlers site, it will open on If they open a CTP post, it will open on, LEO post, opens on, etc... hopefully you get that point by now, haha.

The @hivehustlers account will be curating in all communities to help build stake in those communities for use for payouts for the Hivecommerce (COM) token. If you haven't seen it yet, you should check out the white paper for the newest mineable income token!

This token will be mined by staking HUSTLERM, HUSTLER, and LIST! This just adds more use case to the LIST token, and actually gives the HUSTLER token and miner a use case! This decision was made because it is easier to set up the smart contracts needed for this to happen, than it would have been to do token swaps and burns, etc!

You can pick up some HUSTLERM tokens on the Hive Engine market here:

HUSTLER dollars:

LIST Tokens:

The white paper explains the distribution details and breakdowns per miner token, so give that a read! and

So now let's talk about some other sites that are being planned! One site, is basically already up and can work, but we are going to do a major overhaul before we actually release it to the wild for regulatory reasons... we don't want to deal with it... So, thanks to the @hivepay-io team, we have come up with an awesome solution for Hivefunding! Being this site is pretty much built, we have decided to make a bit of a change and get this site finished first in Phase 1 of the HiveHustlers 2.0 roadmap vs. Hivebay. Just switching places. Hivefunding is coming in Q1 and Hivebay will be starting in Q2.

What Hivefunding will provide is a much needed interface for the community to support each other. Think Patreon meets GoFundMe, but all Hive transactions! That's what we have in mind! So be on the look out for updates as things progress on that.

The reason we are pushing Hivebay back a bit is because it is going to be a bit more complex than originally thought, but we are actively working out solutions to some of the issues, just having to look outward from the team to get some extra coding work done, but need to build the funds to do that. But it will be coming, just wanting to knock down the easier stuff first. We just want to make sure we are going to be doing it the best way for both the community and for us as a business, so look for that to really get started in Q2 of 2021 instead of Q1.


With everything happening, we haven't had a chance to get caught up on the LIST Staking Club and issuing coupon codes. Well with a quick look at the richlist, there haven't been a ton of changes recently, looks like some new additions, but we are going to wait until Feb 2 to do the next audit of the richlist so that we can get a more accurate play and do one big coupon code drop on the newest members and any updated members. The reason we are waiting is because Hivecommerce Token mining starts Feb 1 and we want to make sure that we give enough time for any rush of LIST purchases to happen before that point, we will be able to do all the new changes at one time. Plus, trying to build some anticipation and some excitement for COM mining, so hopefully we will have some new members staking tokens soon! :) HAHA.

Current LIST STAKING CLUB MEMBERS (not counting this account or the founder’s account, @thelogicaldude) Again, I did see some new qualifying members, but they will be added on Feb 2, so if you don't see your name, don't worry, it will be added soon:


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead!

Keep Calm and Hustle on!

UPDATE: Thank you to all those that have invested in the Hivecommerce mining tokens! All of the proceeds have gone back into building the HiveHustlers’ DCity, CTPM purchases, and a little bit to stake for @leo.voter delegation.


Ah man!!! One HUGE thing that got completely missed in the original post...I’ll make a bigger deal out of it on the Feb 2 post, but Hive Power delegation payouts in LIST tokens! So if you delegate HP to the @hivelist account, then you will get a daily payout in LIST tokens... can’t believe I forgot to mention that... .05 LIST per HP delegated daily!

Do I delegate now or after 2nd Feb?

Delegation is active now

Ok I'm going to delegate now
Also I have some Hustler staked what can I do with them?

And tell me about is there list trail for me to follow it's not that I don't like manual curating but some times miss it and my vote power go to wast that's why so let me know ok!😁

Leave them staked and read the Hivecommerce Token white paper.

Here is the curation trail for hivelist

So all I need to do is to buy more Hive power and delegate to @Hivelist to earn LIST everyday?

That's correct!

Amazing stuff!

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I will be reaching 9000 list stake soon

Great stuff! Keep on building. :)

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Thanks for providing such an awesome tool to help me build with! One quick question on that... does it only pull up to 10 posts? I have tried to show more but only 10 come through, just not sure of the limitation on that.

I’ll send you a DM

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Here's a new world I met on Hive - Hivelist. Indeed, so many unexplainable things happening here. I hope to catch up with everyone soon.

Welcome to the party! We are just getting started!

Would hopefully get some LIST by weekend. 5k should be a good start.

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That would be a great start for sure! That's going to be a magic number soon!

Nice, Looking forward to Feb, 2.

I've got my LIST staked, hope to see my name up there :)

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If you get over 1k LIST staked, it will!

yes i have over 2k staked :)

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Awesome! Well the next update round will show it and you will receive your coupon code!

Looking forward to increasing my stakes

nice post, and appreciate the detail updates. Curious I have 10 Hustler Miners, does that qualify me to be on that list? Thanks.

within few days i got 600Hivelist token ;)

folks buying in HUSTLERM now should be able to reap good benefits in near future. Also; I see the total circulating supply is just limited to 100M; whereas many tokens have the supply in Billions.. Looking forward to buying some Hustler Miners. Cheers.

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Does that mean I’m in the top 3? 😎