We've Been Quiet Lately, But Busy In The Background- Store Updates and More

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Hello Hivians! I know it has been a while since our last Hivelist update, but I promise you things have been happening in the background. Also we are located in Oregon which is on the West Coast of the US where we have been dealing with a large number of wildfires that have kind of kept things from moving along, you know real life can be a pain some times. All good with that now, so been trying to play catch up on allot of things.

Site Appearance and Performance Updates

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 9.12.52 AM.png

The https://hivelist.io and https://hivelist.store have had a major update! We have completely changed the theme to remain more consistent across the board with the nitrous front end. We were also having some back end issues with the store that was really due to the old theme that we have since changed. Still having some issues with one of our vendors that we are currently trying to work out so we can get our products to properly push to the site. But this is something we are working on to try and solve as soon as possible.

New Physical Products

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 9.15.04 AM.png

So we are completely changing up the way we are doing our products! Due to issues that we had with our previous vendor for our physical products, Aliexpress, we have discontinued our use of their platform. We had some issues with some sample orders that took forever to send and I got the wrong items. Plus with all of the global issues going on, the supply lines from China have been a nightmare after talking with other vendors. So for now, we are going to be offering a list of print on demand products from a couple of different vendors that we have been working with for a long time and know the quality is good.

So for now, we have some Hivelist gear listed on the site, but... the new plan is to purchase some Limited Reproduction Rights art from the @nftshowroom and use it on products for the store. The original artist will receive 10% royalties per sale of the item that was made from their art! This can be a good deal for both us and the artist as they not only get their art purchased, but can earn passive income on it as well! We are still working out the details on this and will be buying art soon! @thelogicaldude has already purchased a couple of pieces of art for this purpose so you will be seeing these products on the store and posted to the Hivelist.org classifieds as well!

LIST Staking Club Updates

So we have had some updates to the LIST Staking club over the last couple of weeks, actually closer to a month, since the last update. We have created a list style format that we will be updating these posts from here on and making it more of the tail of the updates instead of the front, trying new things, lol.

As always, you can find out all the information on staking the LIST token, the coupon code tiers, and where you can use your coupon codes at https://hivelist.io/list-token.

All codes have been sent via encrypted Hive transaction, use your MEMO key or use the Hive Keychain to see the message.

We just want to say thanks for everyone that is staking LIST tokens as it helps the project move forward! Welcome new members and congrats to members who have been diligently adding to their stake and moving up the ranks!

Updates 10/7/20

@uybong 20%
@oswvin01 20%

@charityball 15%
@recording-box 15%- New Member, New HiveCommerce Website owner

@thatsweeneyguy 10%
@cruisin 10%- New Member

@tomlee 5%- New Member
@lifeskills-tv 5%- New Member

LIST STAKING CLUB MEMBERS (not counting this account or the founder’s account, @thelogicaldude):


Anyway, hope everyone has a great week!


Sometimes laying low is the way to go, it allows you to smash out a ton of stuff, as you've clearly done!

Well done bro. I like the merch as well :D I need a custom face mask made hahah

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nice I can buy new Physical Products and I was thinking why was there no update on you end you to long now I know good work

Sometimes real world life gets in the way. There is allot going on outside, lol.

Interesting to see the growth in the Hivelist community. As soon as I finish on plans to get my physical store for products ready, boon! we'll have our hiveslist store ready for purchases of those products. Cheers.

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im also thinking of setting up a hive list store for ebook and physical Products

We are here whenever you are ready to get your business launched! We can certainly help you get going!

Awesome stuff! I haven't used hivelist yet but will be sure to check it out!

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stop by anytime! Trying to build a marketplace and attract people that want to actually do commerce on the blockchain, you know, trying to give this stuff some usecase. If you have something to sell or a service to offer, or see what others are offering then come check it out.

nice to hear the progress.
just checked out the store, looks cool.

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Thanks, looking to build it more. Excited to go NFT art shopping for some good work from the community to sell!

Saludos y esperemos que mas pronto que tarde crezca mas esta comunidad y pueda mantener su precio

patience is a virtue... Rome wasn't built in a day. Price of the token isn't necessarily everything. Honestly building a sound community is more important. We need more people to spread the word and actually start doing commerce on the site. That's what it is for. Problem is, nobody wants to spend their crypto and is only worried about trading or the investment instead of what it is actually intended for, and that is to be used as a currency. LIST is meant to be a staking utility token in which you buy or earn and stake your LIST, this helps strengthen the platform because token sales help to fund the servers and other expenses on our end. Plus, it is to help encourage people to be entrepreneurs. You can use LIST to pay for our services and to promote posts on hivelist.org, in which both burns the tokens and decreases the supply, You can also use it to pay for ebooks and video courses on the digital store. So it takes all of use to build a community, not just one small team or one person. If you are an investor in the LIST token, you should try and help out by spreading the word! The more people using the community and using the token the way it was designed, then the value will increase.

HEY, How do I check how much % have I staked and how to reach whale rank?

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Looking good, looking good!

Nice to know ,LIST is progressing and bringing more ideas to store.
Reblogged , I do not know how it get missed on day one from me because I follow this account and my name should trigger the notification too.