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Here is the talking picture that expresses all the details about what I have reached in this game, and I do not hide from you I was a month ago in a continuous rise, but today I go smoothly, not to the rise or to the descent due to the low value of the cards, and we wait for the coming days, perhaps they will come well and in the past It was said that the blow that did not kill you will strengthen you. This is how I am with this game. I rest from it daily as much as A to A haif, and it is little, but better than nothing. Thank you. For those who read the details well, see the picture.


@dcitygame transferred 1611 SIM to @kaseldz{'population': 8204, 'income': 1611, 'popularity': 2414, 'education': 1496, 'creativity': 377, 'crime': 0, 'probability': 45, 'crisis_happening': ['riots'], 'crisis_effects': {'income': -81, 'popularity': -121}}about 10 hours ago

Do not forget that I win some gifts that I use or sell every day as necessary, and they are like supportive oxygen for me, and I know a lot of friends who won cards worth more than 100 HIVE and this is wonderful. I am the highest card I won was worth nine HIVE


So get involved and build your city and start collecting money. We hope for fame and success for this game and life for it for as long as possible.



well done sir for win card

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