Introducing...The Hive Guide

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A few years ago, @blainjones and I launched Bitcoin Bully...


The goal of this site was to help train complete newbies on crypto currency and blockchain technology. The method was drip fed content which we had been doing @clicktrackprofit for a decade.

It was quite popular and then our eyes got focused on Steem!

This was the perfect blockchain for our business. It allowed us to combine the social marketing we were teaching our members with the blockchain...

We decided to laser focus our training and create SteemSavvy.


Well....Things happen, blockchains fork and....SteemSavvy needed a reboot!

On March 20th, the first question we got asked was...When will you create the Hive version of SteemSavvy?

Our goal has always been...To bring Hive to the masses!

To raise awareness around the world and our specific industry about the power and potential of this blockchain and it's community...

Yesterday we 'soft launched' The Hive Guide!


Let's go over some of the features inside of this brand new onboarding tool for Hive:

Drip Fed Simple!


We follow the exact same model that we've been working with for over a decade. Drip fed content to us is the best way for new members to Hive to actually learn the blockchain!

This means a user joins and goes through each lesson step by step. They cannot 'jump' to lesson 2, without completing lesson 1. Slow and steady wins the race and we feel this will help students learn at their own pace without overwhelming them with too much content right away!

Bite Sized Lessons


  • We have 4 modules in the Hive Guide, each with between 4-6 lessons.

  • These lessons are roughly around 5 minutes each in length.

There is a method to this madness :)

We polled members of the CTP Tribe and asked them what their number one issue was when joining the blockchain...There were the standard answers of 'WTH is resource credits?', 'What is hive power?' and countless other issues...(Which we addressed in the lessons within The Hive Guide)

But the number one issue was...There is way too much to learn right away!

So these are short, easy to understand lessons without going into too much technical features of the blockchain.

We keep it simple and suggest that new students poke around and learn some things by getting engaged with the blockchain. In short, the more they use things from the start, the more they will pick up as they go.

Which is goal number 1 of the Hive Guide....Getting people to actually USE the blockchain so they get comfortable here!

The Site Is Incorporated Inside of

We have added The Hive Guide to ClickTrackProfit so that members can manage their account from one location.

With that comes a host of tools they can use to actually promote The Hive Guide (as many of the programs featured inside of it have affiliate programs)...

Banners, affiliate links and infographics are all available for members of the Hive Guide!


We Wanted To Highlight Certain dApps and Communities That Showcase The Best Of Hive

We cover a lot in The Hive Guide but some of the most important parts of the training is the focus on different projects inside of the Hive eco-system...

(A lesson we did on different tribes and tokens)

(Of course, Splinterlands is front and center!)

From @LeoFinance to @Splinterlands, @NFTshowroom to @threespeak and so many more...We feel it's so important to highlight these amazing projects to our members!

Each of these platforms and many others have their own dedicated lesson to help teach our members about the potential here on Hive!

And So Much More Coming...

Our road map for the next few days and weeks will be:

  • As we consider this our soft launch, we will be re-designing the front page slightly and improving on it's look and feel for mobile users.
  • This site WILL have @clicktrackprofit badges incorporated and integrated into the system. Students will be rewarded for completing lessons and modules inside of the Hive Guide with unique CTP Badges!
  • Some of the lessons will be re-recorded as my pop filter got lost in my cross continent move...We'll get those super bad recordings edited ASAP :)
  • New lessons will be added (maybe even as soon as tonight) to include community run projects like @ctpsb and some curation trails focusing on building Hive and the amazing members here!

We hope you really enjoy The Hive Guide!

Like I said before, since day one of joining this blockchain, our focus @clicktrackprofit was to bring entrepreneurs to the blockchain and vice versa...That mission has not stopped, only grown stronger every day we are here building!

And we'd love to hear from you, if you think we missed any glaring points!

Join our Discord or Telegram here, we'd love to hear from you!

We will continue to improve this project and promote it outside to bring more people to Hive!



I was always a fan of any way to make crypto more digestible by the masses. Very cool man!

Thanks bro, yeah I think when people can just use this stuff...And not even know it's on a blockchain...That's when we win!

Even after years of using this blockchain, I am reading this now thinking, "I bet there is a whole lot of resources available I could learn from here." Communities, dapps, tokens, incentives, games, management tools, automation tools, and more.

SteemSavvy was an awesome training platform... TheHiveGuide is a 3.0 version of that... So much better and on steroids! :)

Thanks for doing this website for all Hivians! Especially for newbies that start their journey on this awesome blockchain!

There are some old users that would need this too. Hive is quite wide and learning is continuous.

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thanks man. i hope it helps so many new people get on boarded to hive :)

There is need for HIVE Guide

thanks for all your support man. you’ve been helping us since day one. appreciate you!

You and Blain have done a great job with the new site,it should make it easier for newbies to understand the basics without getting lost in the forest of tech. Should do very well to help bring Hive to the main stream. Keep on keeping on

thanks man. always trying to spread the word about hive :)

good move, needs to be shared. Done!

thanks. appreciate that very much!!

I'll be sending this to all the people I am getting on board. it will help a lot


Yeah I mean the affiliate elements of Hive aren't going to make us rich...But it will help when we can work with the people we refer :)

Nice work Jon.

Is there any affiliate earning associated for it.😀 😀

Directly through the apps inside of the guide, plus it uses @hiveonboard to get people signed up which has an affiliate program in it too :)

Excellent post! Things like these are very much lacking in the Hive universe to definitely implement education for new users of the network. Thank you very much for all the dedication and effort to achieve this!

Thanks for the comments, and glad to hear you think it's valuable for the community :)

This is a good guide going through the lessons now

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Thanks man, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Amazing. I have started going though the guide. And for the newbie this is awesome. I am even getting some education. Did I say amazing yet?

Thanks man, hope it helps everyone that joins.

Thank you that much Jon Olson . besides 3Speak not that many suprises in the whole thing for me but and that's the important point for me with it finally now I have a weapon to make the last fool understand why Crypto will beat Fiat ...

Yessir, that's the goal...Onboarding made simple :)

I thought you might appreciate this, @corinasskills and @liviadeodato :-) I'll be studying it well, too - thanks for sharing, @in2itiveart!

It's a great tool that I'm looking forward to use with my lists. I like the fact that you didn't go too much into details and kept it to the most important aspects necessary to understand how Hive works. I believe it will be also easier to keep it up to date like that.

P.S: Looking forward to the CTPSB lesson ;-)

Yessir, hope to have it uploaded today :)

Great job Jon, more and easier onboarding is needed and this will help out a lot, will add it to Mobile Cash Formula as soon as I got the time, do check out the knowledgebase we are building in the Hive Affiliates Community too, over 40 posts and videos with tutorials now.

This is an amazing project. SO happy to see that you've integrated the Hive tribes in this guide. Will lookup and would be sending my referrals here. However, there could be some rewards attached to learning on HiveGuide since we're tokenizing the internet. What do you think?

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We've been looking for blockchain developers since we started here, no one seems to want to take on the projects we have.

We've always wanted to tokenize everything we do, just finding someone to get it done has been a challenge. So we're learning it ourselves, and we'll see what happens.

I have issues login into the site from my PC after confirming from my phone. I can't use Phone to understudy the site. What can be done?

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First time we've heard of that, try requesting a new password...See if that helps get you in.

This awesome. signed up under first person I saw it from @russellstockley . watching the first video for now but will continue

Awesome stuff!

Let us know if you get stuck on anything at all :)

Excellent that keychain info is there. Got it all set some time ago.

So is it going to give my url to it

Ok where the link to discord video 4

Thanks for letting me know, I'll see if we can add it tonight.

Link is in the bottom of this post though :) It is app discord But also watched the whole video greatly information 10 minutes and did not let continue. Tho I think there a reason for that.

this looks interesting. will have to give it a spin.

Awesome, let me know how it goes and what you think!

Good information keep the good work going on....

Thanks! Glad you think so!

An awesome guide indeed!
Even I learned a few new things
Great help for the newbies, indeed!
Excellent tutorial
Easy Breezy!

Thanks so much for your feedback!

Please let us know if there is anything you'd like us to go over or something we msised!

The landing page looks pretty sketchy, though. Like one of those scam funnels.

But in the end - it's a good work you're doing!

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How would you improve it?

And yes, it will be re-designed per our post above.

In my opinion, it's important to be able to see other videos without registering but I guess the system you have now works a lot better, especially for e-mail marketing.

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I hear ya...That being said, the list that is generated from this won't be used if only to update the site.

We're more interested in selling Hive to the masses :)

We have our other mailing lists for the marketing goodies lol

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Am going to give it a try!