LIST Staking Club Update, HiveHustlers Collaboration, and New Listings

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Hello Hive community! Hope everyone's week is going well! This week's Hivelist update is going to be highlighting some new LIST Staking Club members, new collaborations with HiveHustlers, and talking about some new posts and store listings.

LIST Staking Club Updates

We had 2 new members join the ranks of the LIST Staking Club and earned their 5% discount coupon code for all of the stores listed on the site,

We want to welcome @forykw and @badmusgreene to the LIST Staking Club! Keep earning and staking LIST for higher discount levels! Your coupon codes have been sent to you via encrypted Hive transaction. Just just Hive Keychain with your Memo key to see the message a get your coupon code!

For information on how to become a member of the LIST Staking Club and what comes with it, check out the official page

HiveHustlers Discord Collaboration


We have officially launched a collaboration with the HiveHustlers group on Discord!

The HiveHustlers group is growing fast and is centered around building a community of support to entrepreneurs and people that want to start their own businesses. Since the beginning of both projects, as we really launched around the same time, we our fundamentals and missions have really aligned. That is also where I, @thelogicaldude, have been spending most of my Discord time anyway is in that community. The Hivelist discord wasn't really getting any love anyway, and as it is not closed down, there are links in the general section that will send you over to the new Hivelist section on the HiveHustler's Discord. I just want to say thanks to @nulledgh0st and the rest of the @hivehustlers admins to welcome the Hivelist community to the ranks!

This collaborative effort is to help benefit the entire #hivecommerce community by giving users a one stop discord shop for Hive entrepreneurs everywhere!

Click Here to join the HiveHustler's Discord community!

New Hivelist Listings

As we have stated in previous posts, we have added a digital download section to the! Here you can find an ever growing selection of eBooks and video courses in subjects right now ranging from Business and Making Money, Personal Development, and Health and Wellness. We are adding new items almost daily, haha, you know, life is life. We are also working on a line of merchandise like tshirts and other home accessories that will he Hivelist exclusive items designed by out team! But for now, go check out the items we have been able to put up on the eBooks and digital download sections on the store!

@jeffjagoe is a constant on Hivelist with his latest designs for tshirts and lately a ton of facemasks for all of your COVID covering needs.

These are just some of the many examples!

There are also some new contests and challenges from @bucipuci in the Around The World series

@marnaza is baking some awesome spanish pastries and selling them for crypto!

These are just a few of the many examples of listings that are showing up on Hivelist! The community is growing and we are excited for the future!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Hivelist Admin


We are glad to have you over in the community Disc with us brotha! Hopefully it helps bring more awareness to #Hivelist and how it can be used, while strengthening #HiveHustlers as well!

P.s. I'll be joining a new $LIST staking club here shortly 🤑

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Hell yeah! It's always great to create bridges between like-minded communities! We're going to show the world what Hive Hustlin' can do for you!

I got mine staked for sure!!! And need to list some of my gear as well!!!

The Hivelist discord wasn't really getting any love anyway,

Hivelist concept is good, I will say just continue with your work and collaborate.You will definitely get the desired result.

Yeah the collaboration will be for the best for sure.

i want to sell some game items to crypto LIST. can it be applied in the listmarket?

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