HiveHustlers Giveaway Winners!

in hivehustlers •  last month 

NEOvlog 1.png
Hi there,

How's it going? It's NEO here and it is about that time to finally release who won 3000 Hustler tokens (sorry for small delay :P)

2 accounts have done all the tasks and the winners are @gtrussi and @stupid

Congratulations! I've just sent you 1.5k of Hustlers each.


Thank You for your time!
Stay Safe.


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@gastontrussi just keeps his #HUSTLE on 24/7!!

Congrats to the winners 😁

Yeah Man! :D



Oh, Jez! Thanks, Neo! moving the stash to my new account @gastonrrussi

this is so good! have an amazing day 🤟

No worries! Enjoy :)

Thanks for this awewsome giveaway!

My pleasure :) Enjoy!