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RE: Pix Vlogs Ep 26 | Making Sense Out Of The Chaos

in #hivehustlers3 months ago

Huh... that was tough... I didn't know that you have such great problems after your NY trip... We were in contact at that time, but I can't remember how I didn't notice that you are in such big health issues...

So glad that you took that sword and you are ready to battle! Glad that we have you back!



Thank you! Well, I wasn't around much online during that time & probably wasn't on the blockchain much until a few months after I came home. So, that might have some to do with it. It was a long journey back, for sure, but I knew after that experience, I wasn't done yet!! It's either inner strength or plain stubbornness on my part. 😂😂

I am glad I am here, too, & among the many other things in life, create the bonds I have with you & the awesome community 🙏❤️