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RE: Pix Vlogs Ep 27 | Making Sense Out Of The Chaos - Part 3

in #hivehustlers3 months ago

Turn off your TV, and TURN ON your BRAIN! :)

As I see somewhere... "We are so POWERFUL that they need to CONTROL us"...

Well, don't allow that... OUTSMART them... ;)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and thanks for sharing positive vibes! Peace!


Yes, EXACTLY!! You get it! I get so excited when people truly "get" it :)

And I know where you saw that phrase ;) YES when we show our power, it threatens them. But there is nothing for us to fear! We are powerful multi dimensional beings! Celebrate that :) We already outsmarted them for BEING. ;)

Thank you so much for watching! I always appreciate your support & good vibes. Make sure you tell the cat down the road as well ;) 💚