The Dude Needs Your Vote For Hive Engine Witness!

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Hello everyone, I am @thelogicaldude and I am your friendly neighborhood Hive Engine Witness! One of the first as I helped with the test run and now a main witness. I was the first to produce a block and the first to miss one, lol. Problems were quickly fixed by getting a bigger resource server and haven’t missed a block since!

Anyway, the Hive Engine system is the second layer base of my businesses as it allows me build an entire community and economy around it!

For those who may not know me, I am the creator of @hivelist,, the classifieds on the blockchain. I am also now the administrator for the HiveHustlers community, and the lead developer on the site as well as I own and operate the

I am working hard to try and build tools that can allow anyone to access and learn about the blockchain, without necessarily jumping in head first.

There are quite a few projects in the hopper as well, such as,, and which will all be coming in the future! Some of them already have been started!

How to Vote

Witness voting for the Hive Engine system is done on You have to have Workerbee, which is essentially the equivalent to Hive Power for the HE system. This gives you voting power just like the Hive base layer, but gives the little guys a chance to shine at this early point! By holding Workerbee you also can ‘mine’ BEE tokens, so it’s a win win!

So in conclusion, if you believe in what I am trying to do for the community as a whole, and want to support The Dude, please go give your vote on and vote for @thelogicaldude! Because this is my way of trying to change the world for the better!

As always...

Be Cool, Be Real, and always ABIDE!





Done! Bought some WORKERBEE just for this~

I appreciate your support!

Interesting. All this witness stuff is over my head. I don't understand it but I hope you get it. I still haven't had any luck getting any digibyte yet. I downloaded the Exodus wallet but there is a minimum which sucks. I need to send Litecoin to the Exodus wallet if I want digibytes but the minimum is too high for me right now to make the exchange. Looks like I might miss out.

Yeah it has a minimum. It’s probably your best bet if you don’t want to do KYC, you could also use simpleswap

I just have to start buying WORKERBEE. DO I have to stake the tokens before acquiring voting power?

Yeah you have to stake workerbee for it to work, same as HivePower.

Voted for you and delegated 50 Hive to ya. Also bought some weed.

Thanks for the support!

Oooo! Hivetunes sounds interesting, have you got any more info on that?

I will put a vote in but don't have any WORKERBEE just BEE tokens staked, I take it they're not the same thing?

Hivetunes started with one vision but is going to be built into something different. Stay tuned

Workerbee actually earns bee so they are not the same. I appreciate the vote though!