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RE: Pix Vlogs Ep 27 | Making Sense Out Of The Chaos - Part 3

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Piiiiixxxie!! I think I couldve used these vids yesterday! Lol. Would you believe me if I told you that my greatest fear is the fea of public speaking? But still to this day it scares me absolutely silly. But I seen to have been loosing it more and more. I giving credit to Hive allowing me to be myself and not worrying about anything else. Im here to kearn, Im here to be encouraged. Im here to encourage others. But most of all, Im here to have fun!
Thank you for being such a cool human being!

See ya around the Hive!

Ps. Your podcast link to Anchor is throwing a 404.

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Heyyyy ;) I am actually surprised you are scared of it, because you did amazingly well on both your show yesterday as well as your Twitter interview with @nathanmars. :) Sometimes, doing it afraid is the way to go. Each time, it gets a little easier & easier. I am still scared of streaming but when I did my interview with Nathan, it really helped! 🙌

YES! Empowering yourself to empower others is the way to go! I LOVE that you said about encouraging others. We are all connected so it's the way to go, for sure :) And having fun on top of that raises our energy vibration, which is absolutely crucial in today's world.

Thank you for being so supportive & I look forward to talking to you again! :)

P/S I fixed the podcast link ;) Thank you for letting me know!