What Does HIVE Mean To Me....?

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So it's been a week...

Power downs on the 'other blockchain' are coming through....Exchanges are opening up the wallets for the token...And we've had some time to see what this new blockchain could do! During the past 7 days, we saw @TheyCallMeDan come up with another cool little initiative to get this community thinking BIG!

He called it 'What does HIVE mean to you?' and there have been some amazing entries into this project. As it's been 7 full days since we launched, I thought I'd contribute my two cents to this as well as announce the winner of my #ThriveOnHive contest...

What is HIVE to you?

Opportunity! Plain and simple. HIVE is different. Last week, if you were here on day one you are a part of something and we have the opportunity to BUILD something remarkable and never before seen in the blockchain space. Opportunities will pop up on a daily basis here because we have the best community online. Period!

What do you want to see HIVE evolve into?

I have my own dreams and goals for this blockchain. I want to see the union of blockchain and affiliate marketing come to fruition. I hope to do that with my tribe and I'm crossing my fingers that tribes can thrive on HIVE. But the bigger picture for me is also freedom....Freedom to build what you want and place where everyone is welcomed.

The unique part about this blockchain is that you don't need a PHd in computer science to use it and interact with it. That's so important for not only onboarding projects but user adoption. I hope to see HIVE become the every day users first stop when it comes to learning about blockchains and crypto!

We have the people here to make that a reality!

What do you think about having a large funded DAO for future HIVE development?

This is the secret weapon in my opinion. That makes HIVE a place where entrepreneurs and developers WANT to get involved in. In the previous blockchain it's like you needed to be 'in' with the good ol' boys at 'INC.' But with HIVE, I feel that good projects will be supported no matter what, because everyone here wants to see HIVE...Thrive!

The DAO can make that happen. And it will be VERY powerful! Once this starts to pick up...steem (too soon?) the possibilities are endless for development here. I know I plan to dive into a proposal soon...Because I want to see many more entrepreneurs on HIVE...That will also help this blockchain reach new heights...

What does HIVE mean to you?

A new beginning. A fresh start. Endless possibilities. HIVE means the world to me right now. It feels like it's mine, and yours, and everyones! When I joined the older blockchain in late 2017 I was so hopeful for a marriage between my industry and the blockchain...In 2020 I feel even more confident that this will become a reality.

Smart Media Tokens are the future! And I hope that our community makes that a huge priority going forward! I'm just so excited for everything that we will build here...Together!


And now....It's time to announce a winner!

One of the fun things I did when I began my journey on 'the older blockchain' was these little contests. I used to give away Steem Power delegations to people and then it turned into @SteemBasicIncome giveaways. Of course, that last one has been hurt by the downvote brigade that wants to rid our blockchain of engagement but that's another story in itself lol

So the first thing I wanted to get back into the habit of doing is...Contests!

Earlier this week I announced a simple contest with my #ThriveOnHive campaign...And wow, there were so many amazing comments! Thank you to everyone for taking part. I plan on doing one of these each month going forward :)

The winner of the 100 HIVE Tokens is....


Not only did Jason post an awesome comment on the blog, he created his own post and did a detailed overview of @peakd

Thank you man, I appreciated your entry and I picked your entry with the help of the @ClickTrackProfit community on Discord. There we multiple votes for your entry and I couldn't agree more!

HIVE is on the way man, thanks again to everyone for taking part....Let's build this together!

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I have to do my part and write on this topic from my point of view... I'm very optimistic about the whole thing, but we have to fix those small issues around tribes and transfer them from STEEM... and then we are ready to rock and roll!

Congrats to @jasonbu on the prize... I'm glad that my "tip" has won.... :)

Yeah man, it's the only thing holding it all back in my opinion. Time for Steem Engine to step up and support the tribes!

Thanks Jongo for a great post. Cheers to affiliate marketing merging with Hive and the block chain :)

Appreciate ya man, thanks for the comments and support!

Great and inspiring Jon, and congrats to Jason for the win, stay awesome.

Thanks Erik, appreciate ya man!


Oh, man! Just went for a walk with my wife... beautiful day out and came back to your notification! Great News! THANK YOU! Have to thank you 100 times for running the contest and inspiring all of us! Keep'r going!

For sure man, thanks for the awesome comments and then your blog post too.

Just the beginning of great things here :)

Always love reading your thoughts and enthusiasm. You help bring me up when I am headed down.

Looking forward to CTPs future on Hive.


It'll work out. Right now, we just keep on keeping on...But once we can make the move fully to HIVE we will.

I have no doubt. If I had to pick one thing I learned about you over the last few years: you always find a way to get things done, usually for the better ;)

Stubborn man....I'm stubborn LOL