LIST Staking Club Update, LIST Markets Pumping, Hivelist Delegation, and Hivecommerce Token Mining!

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Wow, this is going to be a big update! It's been a while since we have updated the LIST Staking Club and it shows because we have allot of new members and a few that have moved up the ranks! So in this post, we are going to address that and a few other things as well! So let's just get right to it shall we?

Hivelist Delegation Payouts

That's right! We have activated a delegation payout smart contact that will pay out people who delegate Hive Power to the @hivelist account. Currently the payout is set to .05 LIST tokens per HP delegated! So if you want to support the Hivelist community with your Hive Power while keeping the Hive network strong, this is a great way to go! Delegate some HP, earn some LIST stake, then mine COM tokens... WIN WIN WIN


Hivecommerce Token (COM) Mining

So Feb 1, which was the day before this post, launched the mining of the new Hivecommerce Token, COM. The first contract fired off but had an error that was caught immediately and was fixed for the second and 3rd contracts, which went extremely well! I, @thelogicaldude, am very excited for this! So if you are staking any amount of LIST, you will get a payout of COM tokens daily! To find out more about the Hivecommerce project, please check out the white paper at



So I can only guess that with the release of the Hivecommerce Token mining, the LIST price has gone a bit insane, lol! At one point it pumped to over 9 HIVE per LIST! WOW! I like where it has settle back down to, and glad to see some life in the markets! Let's keep the momentum going, lol!

Screen Shot 20210202 at 3.17.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 20210202 at 3.18.15 PM.png

And by the looks of it, we need to get back to some post promotion and burning some LIST tokens, lol! Here are the supply stats as of writing this update:

Screen Shot 20210202 at 3.22.07 PM.png


And lastly, but certainly not the least is the LIST Staking Club update!

We has several new members get added to the rankings along with some members that moved up the rankings a bit!

All new members and updated members have been sent a coupon code via the memo of an encrypted Hive transaction. You will need to log in with Keychain, your Memo Key, or use the Hive Wallet on a mobile device to see the unencrypted transaction with the code in it. If you have any issues, feel free to contact @thelogicaldude in the HiveHustlers Discord. Or use the discord chat bubble on any Hivelist site.

Your coupon code is good at any of the places listed on this website

New Members

The number next to the name is the coupon level you have achieved thus far!

@roger.remix 15%
@jzn 5%
@chireerocks 5%
@bellaian 5%
@sirdemian 5%
@monsterbuster 5%
@bucipuci 5%
@apostlevincent 5%
@bitandi 5%
@davedickeyyall 5%

Welcome new members!

Updated Members

These are the accounts that have updated since the last snapshot!

@r1s2g3 15%
@Chubb149 10%
@Metzli 10%
@holovision 10%

Congats on moving up the ranks!

I want to thank all LIST Holders for your support!

LIST STAKING CLUB MEMBERS (not counting this account or the founder’s account, @thelogicaldude):


Again, thank you to everyone for your support! Keep Calm and Hive on!


So let me get this straight
delegate Hive Power to the @hivelist
Get LIST 0.05 : 1 Hive delegated
Then stake list to earn COM
Anything else I forgot?

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That’s it... then... in COM phase 2 which will be by the end of the quarter, if you stake COM tokens, you will earn a daily payout in SIM and CTP to start, other will be added in the future.

Ok I got it if I stake com now will I receive reward?

Please look at for all the details and links to the COM white paper

I will thank you for this

Not now. You can stake it now, that’s fine, but the payouts will start at a later date. I want to build up the stake in CTP, LEO and The DCity for another month, and then build up a month’s worth of payout reserves. Then at the beginning of quarter 2, which is April 1, the payouts will begin. This will also give me a month to figure out a daily average for payouts. All the info will be coming... please be patient, I have allot of work to do... lol.

I want to build up the stake in CTP, LEO and The DCity for another month, and then build up a month’s worth of payout reserves.

It's important to go for CTP quite early enough. The markets seem to be on the pomp too.

yeah I'm thanking my quite thinking that I had bought some before that

I have been buying up miners when I have sales from HUSTLERM tokens.

CTPM is an amazing token. How I wish I had some thousands when only a few hands had them. Still much to be grabbed now at 1.25 HIVE.

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I liked paying .8 better, lol.

good luck building stake and all I will be waiting for an update from you.

Alright thank you I have delegated 10HP to hivelist, is there anyone who would be interested in talking about this on @hivecoffee ? Check out recent posts. It would be great to let more people know how to do this.

I just asked a question on this above. Thanks for the answer here. It would be beautiful to receive CTP and LIST as a compensation for staking COM token.

You can get all the info here:

New here and just started reading up on the project. I guess I'm at a bit of a loss as to what I should be posting here and what's allowed. So far I've seen a mix of everything.

Of course we can't stop all spam, but it is mainly meant to be used for a classifieds platform similar to Craigslist. So you have a section for forsale, services, gigs, contests, and then a section called hivecommerce which is SUPPOSED to be used for ebusiness type posts as well as we will use it for some announcements etc. We are trying to bring more focus on the website for what we are looking for. But people like to use the hivelist tag to just try and earn some tokens on the post, so you will get some of that. If you go look at, you will see we are trying to bring focus more to the topics that we would like to focus on.

Whoa! This is the first I'm hearing of it, but it sounds like the LIST story winds its way through my exact repertoire so far: LEO, CTP and DCity. I'm checking it out right now... I appreciate the heads up. :)

Bringing it all together here:

!wine for you! Maybe you will join me for @hivecoffee to tell us more about this?

Sure! Let’s get it set up.

Tomorrow evening we could probably do this, join the Discord if you can

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I need a bit more advanced notice to schedule a video chat. I am on pacific standard time on the US west coast. What time were you thinking, I may be able to work out something, but I have stuff going on today...

Cheers, @hivecoffee You Successfully Shared 0.100 WINE With @thelogicaldude.
You Earned 0.100 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 1/3 Successful Calls.


WINE Current Market Price : 1.200 HIVE

Thanks for mentioning I receive staking reward

All members of the LIST Staking club get mentioned!

Staking as much as possible

You were my first motivation to staking LIST token. Thanks. I'm riding through now.

I'm glad to hear it

I have one question..
If I delegate my LIST then who will get COM rewards?
Original account or account that have LIST power now?


It's a beautiful thing to see new users join the LIST staking club. The future of the LIST token is bright and awesome. Glad to be a part of the price movements this time. Do we have to stake COM? Any usecase for staking COM?

@hivelist and @thelogicaldude, Thank you for your kind mention team.

Good wishes from my side towards future developments, integrations and roadmaps.

I like it.

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Feedback from the February 1st Hive Power Up Day

I was scrolling through the post like it says I'm mentioned in here somewhere however I can't find wherever I mentioned at I can't find them in the comments I can't find them in the post I can't find them anywhere...

About to message the author and try to figure this one out however then I figure out that I'm just not reading correctly and yes my name is in the list...


Anyway awesome job let's take some more and stake it down!!!!

I definitely need to go check and see how my delegations doing.

Awesome job thanks man.

glad to see my name up there :)

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Need to look more into $LIST and $COM

Keep up the good work

How many ctp I will get to delegation 100 Hp?