It's Crypto Mondays - Time For Hive To Come Alive!

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Crypto Mondays!.png

I was really fired up after reading and watching a few posts on Hive...

The first was from @bitcoinflood

He broke down the amazing power of staking your Hive and I'm still blown away that this blockchain is the gift that keps on giving :)

And then @theycallmedan dropped a bomb of a video later in the day!

They both inspired me to SHILL Hive a ton on tonight's Crypto Monday show!



(Had to upload to LBRY tonight, if you cannot see the video, here is the link to watch!)

And oh yeah....

I made a pretty graphic too ;)

Feel free to use it if you like, it's a little shameless self promotion for



Hive has Alot of opportunities that are neglected by most all because of the price right now, which for me I see a time to buy


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It's overlooked simply because of price. Which is great for those of us that want to accumulate more lol

Hive's second layer of tokens is added on top of Hive/HBD. The ecosystem is growing and as more people join and realize there is passive investing, active investing, gaming, spending, earning with very little to no fees. It is only going to get better from here.


So many awesome things to actually use here on the blockchain!

I always knew that Hive has value that's why I never powerdown my Hive.


I'm letting this thing ride and see where it goes lol

I was just thinking about the last cycle where I kept actively blogging on Steem even as the token dipped below 7 cents and there was nothing but doom and gloom and within nine months we ended up north of $8.00. And Steem didn't have a fraction of the things going on we now have on Hive. I believe that'll be key, in the next rally... there will actually be something here to interest people, aside from just harvesting rewards.

That's true...It's obvious that just telling people they can be rewarded isn't enough to attract the masses...I think it's a killer dapp.

Something that has yet to be realized...And when that happens, it's game on!

Nice graphic. I have always been happy to stake all of my rewards. I want to build my account so that my upvotes are pretty big. I always remember the feeling of getting that huge upvote when I was first starting on here and I want to give that back to others!

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Yeah man, that's a great point!

I'm grateful for those big votes....And the feeling one gets, gives them the confidence to stick around and keep creating and engaging...If we become the ones giving out the big votes, we can do a lot of good for the community!

For sure!

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great post!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!