Hello there, July 2020 - Let's Power Up!

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Image by Dieter_G from Pixabay

It's a brand new month; a clean slate & full of promise....

For me, it's a time to refresh my goals, redirect my focus & explore new adventures. I pulled an all nighter to get the admin side of things cleaned up & ready to roll for the month.

What's a better way than to start it on this July 1st with the July #HivePUD? 😉

So, here we go.....

Screen Shot 20200701 at 12.39.59 AM.png

Powering up 100 HIVE & BAM!

Screen Shot 20200701 at 12.39.46 AM.png

WOO HOO! And, to boot, I reached my 3000 HP goal. Now onto 5000 HP 😁

If you're curious as to what this all entails, check out @traciyork's link here https://peakd.com/hivepud/@traciyork/welcome-to-streetstyle-s-hivepud-hive-power-up-day-for-july-1st-2020

Since I am almost at 70.00 reputation score, it is possible this might be my only entry for this event, but if not, I might end up squeaking in one for next month. We will see....

A big thank you to @traciyork & @streetstyle for carrying on this tradition of sorts.

Be on the look out for a special video later on, but first, I need to finish some more work & then SLEEEPPP... 😂😵

Let me sleep.gif

Get in on the #HiveSPUD fun & let's raise the energy frequency of our beloved #Hive blockchain! ❤️ 🖤 🧚🏼‍♀️

Have a great day, all!

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Awesome attitude @pixiepost, as always! Thanks for always spreading such positivity on the blockchain, and for supporting #HivePUD - oh, and mega congrats on hitting your goal! Here's to seeing our amazing community grow for many, many months to come! 😊

Thanks so much @traciyork! I appreciate you 💜 I am glad I could be a part of it. I meant to take part in it in the past but never was able to. This time, I was bound & determined lol. Onwards to 5000 HP 😀

I hope you're doing well! And from Pixie of GIFS to the QUEEN of GIFS, I am wishing you lots of love & positive energy. 💛

Nice to see you supporting HivePUD, Jenn!

I have skipped the last month (I didn't see the official page), but I will try to do my part today!

Thanks, Zoltan! :)

Yeah I kept meaning to do it again but would forget or life got in the way lol. This time, I was determined to be part of it. I see you did do yours as well. Yay! Way to go. 💛 🙌

Thanks a million for participating in HPUD Jenn

It's an honor, Nathan! :) A great way to start the month .... :)

Its a good initiative, i also powered up, the hive balance :-)

Way to go!! That's awesome & yes, you are right. It's a great event to get everyone united on HIVE :)

Good job Jen, wow you are doing very well on HIVE :) thanks for sharing

Thanks Russ! I appreciate your kind words & support. :) Working my magic tonight - stayed up all night & am kind of like this right now:


@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 14/21)

Thank you so much! :) You are appreciated.