Hive Power Up Day

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Hello, Hive Fam!

As I sit here typing, my mind can't comprehend that it's already August. July came & went in a flash, but it was a very defining month for me. It was all about empowerment - empowering ourselves to empower others; doing the inner work so we can shine our core love light out into the world...

Now that August is here, it is going to be the most magical one yet...

I have slowly been making my transition from centralized platforms to decentralized ones (like Hive!) more & more. Things are shifting & changing for the better...

Personally, I have been finding my voice as well....I have this awesome community to thank for that, including my dear friends @ph1102, @jongolson, @russellstockley & @flaxz. There are so many more people I want to include but I would be writing a novel instead. But you know who you are ;)

We welcomed @nathanmars (another amazing friend) back to our Hive community & we've all been taking Twitter by storm with the #Hive5 initiative. We have shown how things progress quickly working as a collective, while still expressing our own individual authentic truths....

And we are just getting started as this all gains momentum. The power we all have to make a positive impact on this world is astounding & we show no signs of stopping...

Speaking of power, I can't think of a better way to start the month than with our beloved #HivePUD event! This is such an important way to bond our community even more as we all power up some HIVE to further support the blockchain. With each powerup, we grow stronger & will thrive even more...

It's not just an isolated event. It's a game changer. Each month, we grow a little bigger & I have a feeling August is going to be pretty epic....

So, here I go...,gathering what Pixie Dust I have....


Screen Shot 20200801 at 3.47.07 AM.png

After ;) :

Screen Shot 20200801 at 3.51.47 AM.png

It is such a great feeling to do this, I cannot even express. 😊

There is still plenty of time to participate! Check out this link to get all the juicy details. Note: make sure you read the instructions carefully so you know you qualify. ;)

A big thank you to @streetstyle for creating this initiative & a big shout out to my girl @traciyork for doing a fantastic job in keeping this special event alive.

Love you TY.gif

Also, a shout out to @jeanlucsr & @hivebuzz for sweetening the pot even more! This keeps getting better & better.

giphy 1.gif
Gif by Traci York

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in & do your HivePUD today! Let's bring up the energy vibration of Hive!

Got Hive?.png

Have a great one, all! So much love to all of I am going to count my Pixie Dust ;)


You go, girl!

Thanks Fiona! :) It's exciting, that's for sure! You did great as well! :)

Next month will be even better ;) Have an awesome day! 💜🍷

Bless you. Have a good evening!

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Thank you! :) Sending pixie dust & have a great evening as well :) 💚

Sure Madam, we will power up to POWER THE HIVE and make it MORE POWERFUL THAN EVER!



You're absolutely right!! The more we power up, the stronger we become! :)

Big #Hive5 🙌 from USA 🇺🇸 to India 🇮🇳 @marvyinnovation :)

Thank you Jenn for putting more skin in our Hive

You're welcome Nathan! :)

Let's keep going & make Hive stronger than ever! ;) 💚

Thank you so much for your kind words, Jenn! July was epic, but August will be even better...

You have done a nice power up! Getting closer and closer to Team Dolphins!

You are so welcome! We all make each other better & stronger!

I am excited for this month, because I am sensing it's going to be amazing. And YES, I am aiming for Dolphin status this month for sure ;)

Thanks for everything, Zoltan. You are awesome! 💚

Congratulation Dolphin yet to be :)

He he he thank you, my friend. August WILL be the month 😉

Have an awesome weekend! 💜


Hi @cuddlekitten! Happy August! :) I hope it's an amazing month for you! 😻


Congratulations on this great power up. The dolphin swarm is calling :-)

He he thank you so much Achim. They're calling both of us! That will be an awesome day when we reach that goal! 🙌

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That's a nice addition to your HP, good luck :D

Thank you! I am making progress, slow & steady. lol. Hope you're doing well, too! 🙌💜

Beast mode activated on the power up! Great stuff and excited for you to get your badge from hivebuzz too!

Thank you so much! I appreciate the support. I am excited too & working hard to get to that point. 🙌

Wishing you all the best as well! Have a great Saturday! 💜😉

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