The Hive Tipping Revolution

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It's no secret...I LOVE the tipping feature that @PeakD released about a month ago...It's been so cool to reward creators and community members here. Especially for content that will fall out of the 7 day payout window...This has so much upside, I don't think we understand how big this can be!

I love it, and think we're just starting to see a 'tipping revolution' here on HIVE...

This past week, we got blessed with a new tipping service...


This is Hive Tips!

A brand new service from the @fullalt team! (Announcement here!)

Here's how it works:

  • The extension is added to your browser and when you go to Twitter (and more sites in the future) you'll see this:


  • A sweet little slider bar shows up and you can tip the Tweet up to 10 HIVE at a time! It links to your HIVE Keychain for easy tipping...

  • In a few seconds, the Twitter member gets a notice that they have been 'Tipped'


All the person on Twitter needs to do now is reply with their HIVE username and....Instant HIVE into their account.

Do you see where this is heading?

This is onboarding and awareness on a whole new level...

And it's using crypto's favorite platform to raise awareness to cool projects and tokens....Twitter!

We've already seen Hive community members using this to tip everyone from @CryptoFinally to some of the larger than life personas on Twitter...

And that's what this tool can do...

Reach out to those curious about crypto, social media influencers, business leaders, lifestyle creators, politicians even...You name it, and create some curiosity in their feeds.

Free crypto? Yes please!

I think this is such an awesome project and look forward to seeing where this goes down the road....

It's only just launched but the possibilities are VERY exciting!

So what are you waiting for....?

While upvotes are awesome and such a huge part of this platform, thanks to Hive Tips as well as all the amazing tipping features on @PeakD ...I think we're growing as a blockchain.

To me, this is the future of what will raise the most awareness to HIVE as a place to build your content and your social media following.


What if we're not peakd users? The tip won't work?

Should work! Hive wallet is the same across all apps.

Here's a quote from their announcement Jon linked in his post.

#hivetips is a revolutionary way to reward your favorite and deserving users on the Hive blockchain with a 'tip'! Wait, do you mean just like on the PeakD front end? NO. However, you can surely use it to tip anyone on PeakD or Our first goal though, is to embrace the budding cryptocurrency community that is emerging on Twitter.

So, no, it doesn't matter what front end you use.

Cool. Too bad I'm on my phone most of the time.

Hive Tips works on Twitter.

Just Tweet and people on HIVE will see ya and tip ya :)

Really? Maybe only if I use #hive, #posh and #oc tags on Twitter huh?

I think it's more of who you engage with on Twitter. I use tags like #HiveIsAlive mostly, or $HIVE

Well I guess it's gonna be an extension of Hive then just so you'll get a tip. 🤷

Thanks for the info.

someday it might work for me lol

I'm sure if you pop by their discord on on their blog they can re-send. if 30 days are up, it'll come back to me and i'll just re-tip

You can use me as a guinea pig any time lol

But I do agree, with this is a really cool new feature. Tipping with Hive has a lot of potential, and with even more places to tip on the way the future of Hive is looking pretty amazing.

Agreed....Yeah man, it was pretty smooth. Perfect timing for your Tweet LOL

Twitter Tip bots have worked wonders for the XRP Army and a couple other coins. I was shocked when I received my first Hive tip from @lightproject, almost fell out of my chair. This one feature along with the more streamlined (free) signup process is golden! I've downloaded the extension for Chrome and plan to tip high influence locals in the very near future 🙂

We should mob. I mean, in the case of a high profile influencer, sending 50 to 100 HIVE tips from 50 to 100 different members of the community will bomb any feed and likely lead to an onboard or at least a response.

Yeah man, I can see that being a huge marketing strategy done by the community for sure.

I didn't know Hive Tips were working already! I read a team was working to implement it, but they moved fast. :)

By the way, on Hive (not on Twitter), you can also tip bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin (or rather their Hive-engine pegged tokens: SWAP.BTC, SWAP.LTC and SWAP.DOGE), via PeakD. From what the guys talk, this is only the beginning. But you have to enable them from your wallet, Hive-engine tab, and have some in your account.

Oh for sure. I think Peakd started something huge here and Hive Tips is just the next realization of this...Big things when we pay it forward :)

This tiping feature on twitter could bring a totally new dynamic to the onboarding process. I believe that when people get something for free they don't want to lose it. They might create an account just in case and maybe they might check out what it really is. This is great and I believe it can be a game changer!

Yessir. And with the new referral system in @HiveOnboard ...BIG BIG BIG potential!

Yeah tipping is really great, been using @tipu myself since it's similar to PeakD and much faster, and nice to see Hive tipping on Twitter, though for myself since I am on mobile I can't install any plugin to the browser, but they might integrate with the upcoming Hive Keychain mobile app, stay awesome.

Yeah man, time to invest in at least a Chromebook ;)

Wow this could be game changing so long as people don’t see these as spam on Twitter. I think the auto reply is well written so that should help combat that a bit.

I think they should tackle that right away. Pretty sure the Twitter overlords already stopped them a few times LOL

I’d imagine twitter would try to stop it. I think traditional centralized social media should be worried about hive.

Yeah they'll keep it going until they view it as a threat I'm sure. We should build something like Brave LOLOL

This gives me a Hivegasm

Pics or it didn't happen....

Wait, actually bad idea. I BELIEVE YOU!!!

You know what I'm capable of, Jongo. Best to avoid haha

LOL Exactly why I said don't worry about it LOLOL

Who says that there is no development on the Hive blockchain? Who says that there is no use-case for crypto? :) :)

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LOL Yeah man. And I still say...It's just getting started!

As it goes more, the tipping system will be used more

Yup and it'll attract more users to HIVE...Win win.


I agree :)

I Simply LOve the Tips. I love checking older posts when checking out users. Also since my votes are tiny, tips are perfect to show appreciations :D

That's a really good point. Great way to celebrate posts from all account levels for sure!

Thanks very much for the tip too :)

My pleasure ^^


Thanks man. Appreciated!!

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