After Gou's political suicide, it's hard to cooperate with Ke Wenzhe. Ke: he don't need enemies if he have this kind of staff

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Gou Taiming, founder of Taiwan Hon Hai group, withdrew from the 2020 presidential election after the defeat of the KMT presidential candidates in the primary election. However, he actively promoted the children of the Standing Committee to cooperate with Taiwan people’s party Ke Wenzhe and pro people party Song Chuyu to build his own “Guo family army”.

However, according to the votes of the presidential and legislative elections in 2020, only four political parties, including the Democratic Progressive Party, the Kuomintang, the Taiwan people’s party and the power of the times, won more than 5% of the seats. This also represents the pro democracy party that Gou pledged, not only one seat did not exist, but also lost the presidential election tickets in 2024

It’s funny that, as the richest man, song Xiaoren, who has bet five times for the primary election, plus the farce in the primary election, I’m afraid that no normal voters will choose such politicians. In the 2020 election, Gou Taiming committed a naive political suicide

Even if Gou spends more money on tickets to the 2024 presidential election, he will hardly be an effective contender for the 2024 presidential election

Ke Wenzhe, chairman of the Taiwan people’s party and mayor of Taipei, did not invite Gou to the platform on the night before the election of the people’s party Ke Wenzhe replied, “do you need enemies with such staff?”.

The words and deeds of his staff, as well as his frivolous and typical villain’s behavior. As the richest man, he is surrounded by villains without self-knowledge, so it is difficult for him to break through in the special political environment of Taiwan

According to Ke Wenzhe, politics is often that the emperor doesn’t worry about the eunuch, and those who take the sedan chair don’t have a problem with carrying the sedan chair. Sometimes their own interests are tangled in it, and their concern is disordered. His attitude is political commonplace a

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