It's Day One of The I Am Alive Challenge For Me Scott Rohn....

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Hey everyone my name is Scott Rohn and I am Alive! Today is Day One
for me of the I am Alive challenge . The I am Alive challenge was created
by @flaxz as way for people to check in during the pandemic. At least that's
my interpretation of what it is.

Now you might have seen my I Am Alive lead capture page around. That is
because , I had actually joined the I am Alive Challenge a while ago back in
July. Yea I know that is a long time between joining and doing my day one
post of the challenge

Right about the time I joined the challenge there was the drawing for the
CTP Blueprint contest. The results of the results of that drawing left me a
bit miffed and confused. Not because I didn't win anything. Heel winning
would have been nice. But it wasn't about that

Let me explain I was confused between the way the contest was run which
by the way I thought was brilliant. And how the drawing was done. If you
all remember the idea of the contest was to get has many entries has you
possibly could. You got entries by logging in daily to CTP Blueprint, making
a comment on one @elianaicgomes blog posts or doing a blog post yourself
about CTP Blueprint Another way of saying it is how much of an effort you
made in this month long contest

Which bring me to the drawing, I was confused on how if the idea of the contest
was to get as many entries as possible in another words actually make an effort.
Then how is it that five of the winners had Two entries or less. That's what logging
into CTP Blueprint what one two times the entire month the contest was running
That's not making an effort at all

So there is where my confusion comes in. if everyone's name was put in as many times has they had entries, it would be almost impossible for one person with with that small amount of entries to win. Let alone five but hey must be five of the luckiest people in the world. I was upset then I'm not now, But I did need to get it off my chest

Being upset about that lasted a couple weeks yes I'm stubborn hot headed and I take to much time getting over something and moving on. It's a bad habit of mine. The results of the drawing are not the only reason why I have not been around. This part is I would say the biggest reason why I haven't been around

I haven't felt good in a long time. now I'm not talking about a little tummy ache here. When I was a kid I missed maybe one two days of school hated it but I did go. When I started working I called out maybe two three times a year. I loved work of course the part about drinking while working probably helped a bit

Then came January of 2003 everyone was sleeping I was up watching TV when suddenly I had this sharp pain in my side. I got up went to the bathroom because I thought maybe it was gas.But the pain kept getting worse. Finally I woke my wife up and we went to the hospital. While I was sleeping thanks to the meds they were giving me to kill the pain the Doctor told everyone that my internal organs were aging faster than I was like twenty years faster. So I spend week in the hospital I went in on a Saturday night while in the hospital the the wednesday of that week was not good lots of pain and that was the day they bought my two year old son to see me. I also watched the Super Bowl from my hospital bed

From there everything seemed to slowly go down hill I was out of work for eight months . And every test that could be run was run.What the doctor finally found was that some scar tissue and blocked my kidneys causing the discomfort.he also told me it's probably something that could happen from time to time .Well great but what about if one of the times I ignore the pain which isn't always easy to do when it's at level ten what if it's the real thing ????

So from there I've had three surgeries first one was for a hernia second one Gall Bladder and the last one was for my Rotator Cuff. For which I now have a titanium rod in my right shoulder. Now that I have shared a little history I will now talk about what going on now yea I know long drawn out post

First off I get these pains in my upper body , it's not my heart that is fine what happens is and I really don't know how to describe it all I know is it hurts like hell and can happen anytime . It happens 90 -95% of the time when I'm doing something physical. It has also happened while were eating dinner, watching TV and I have been rudely awaken by one of these attacks . The attacks have varied from mild pain where it doesn't last to long. To extremely painful long time several minutes. My wife she'll rub my back and say it's hard as a rock I'll tell her to stop because it actually makes it worse

And that's not even the worst part. I feel constant pressure in my head all the time . And there are times when that pressure becomes so intense it's a pain I don't wish on anyone it has literally brought me to tears as I'm clutching my head because it feels like it's going to explode I would say a pain that is ten times worse than any headache I have ever had. The fun part is when both attacks happen at the same time Fun Times yea no not really

Now this is a part were your going to think I'm nuts.But here goes in our bedroom at night when It's dark I see things on the walls on the ceiling. I've seen what looks like a city block . Tables set up grassy fields all kinds of things.One time while looking up at the ceiling I saw what looked like a football game being played in color all, kinds of stuff. And I've seem this both when I first go into the room usually the light is off. And one of the may time I wake up at night. I've even seen thing floating in the air that usually happens when I wake up one night for example I woke up and I saw what looked like a little black square in the ceiling and out of it came Skull and Cross Bones that looked like it was being carried by something .It hovered over me I glared at it the it over over my wife I had my fist about an inch or two from it.I don't scare that easy

I told you this because I'm not sure if I'm seeing this stuff because of the constant pressure in my head or if it's that there is actually something there. I really don't know which one would be better . I've already stood in my room with the lights off and said I don't know if I,m seeing all of this because of my head or if there is actually something in here. If it's that there is actually something in here, Cool as long as you all know who is boss

The downside of having constant pressure in my head is things don't come has easy to me has they once did I get frustrated easily. I'll get up and there are days I just fell like crap from head to toe You know how you feel after a workout or after working in the yard all day or lifting heavy boxes all day, Everything hurts right. It's like getting hit by a bus will that's how I feel everyday without doing any of that stuff

In closing I don't know if I will be posting everyday but I will post as often has I can


Sorry for what you have gone through @scottrohn, both the pain and the distrubing visions, not sure which one is worse, but I do wish all the best for you, and that you will get better, and great to see you alive, very welcome to the #IAmAliveChallenge, stay safe, awesome and alive.

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Hi. hope that your feeling better it cool to see you on here.

Welcome back to the CTPTalk, Scott!

I'm sorry about the health problems that you have... I hope it will pass, and you will be 100% fit, soon!

And regarding the contest... Eliana isn't the owner of CTPTalk, not we are together in a conspiracy against anyone... So, I personally, have missed you and your posts... I found them always interesting and valuable... I hope we will see you more in the future...

Get well!

Great to see you back Scott, you have always been a solid member of the CTP tribe. It is unfortunate that you are going through this terrible problem and I wish all the best.

Hi Scott good to see you! And I'm sorry to make you upset about the drawing and all the things you've been through...About the drawing it was my first and I know it wasn't perfect, you're talking about just 5 but I did draw to 10 people but 5 didn't have a hive account neither give me any response so I had to draw again and so I narrowed the new in the end I made 2 drawings...maybe it was bad exposed or I didn't explain myself but well I can't change the past but I will be better next time! So I hope you come back and don't stay away because of my lack of experience! All the best and welcome back!

Well, wow wow wow. All I can say besides welcome to the challenge :)

Welcome back.....
Wishing you a speey recovery...

Scott, it is so good to see you back. I am really sorry about all the life struggles you have been (and are going) through. I wish you good health & happiness. I've always enjoyed your humor & content. Just do what you can & don't put any unnecessary stress on yourself. We are always here to support. That is what our community is all about. We help each other & lift one another up, in good AND bad times.

Looking forward to your posts & sending you tons of healing energy & pixiedust! 🧚🏼‍♀️💖

hello dear friend @scottrohn good night
Nice to meet you. I'm very sorry for what you've been through, especially for your health, I hope you get better soon.
how good it is to see your publication
have a beautiful night and a good rest

Hi Scott, great to see you and thanks for sharing your story, the visual phenomena that you are experiencing, could be a result of the pressure but could also be hwat a lot af artists long to have :) - Start drawing what you see

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Nice to meet you Mr. Scott. Wishing you all the health and luck.

Glad to see you again Scott, always love seeing your splash pages. Sorry for your misfortune. My neighbor hurt like you all over her body, turned out to be fibromyalgia just saying might not be what is going on with you. Hope you are feeling better.