How the body tolerates the cold.


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Since with the coming of summer come the cooler months, it is logical to look at the cold and how it affects the human body. We do this in view of the fact that survival in 75% of cases is associated with cold.



And we hear many people die in cold as they cannot resist the cold waves and just get sick because of cold wind.

One of the primary things we need to know is that an individual's body freezes a lot quicker in water than if it is presented to cold air. The figure I will impart to you will amaze many, yet I ensure that it is exact. The human body loses multiple times quicker warmth in water than in air.and is the primary driver passing.

The temperature of the human body varies in the range - 36.4 ° - 37.2 ° C, if it falls by only 2 degrees, a process of hypothermia begins. In water, the process begins almost immediately, so try to enter less often and after leaving do exercises to warm up the muscles - push-ups are a complex tool.this will heat up your body and you will be safe.

Before entering the water, always take off your clothes and make sure they do not get wet! This way you will keep a huge dose of heat when coming out of the water in them. Then you can wear those cloth to keep you out of cold and give you some heat.

When you are in the camp, keep in mind that the ground cools down 2 times faster, which is why there is an old saying among the people that a blanket on the ground costs as much as 2 on top. Try to sleep on top and thick mattress.




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