Letter of Introduction

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Hello friends PEAKD
my name is viski, today i will try to write again after a long time i stopped writing on steemit. I feel like there are some things in me that I would like to share with all of you, is a story about my life's journey

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It's been three years since I left my hometown and it's been three years since I stopped writing on Steemit, starting from my journey that left Aceh, which is one of the provinces in Indonesia and decided to live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I have left many memories and many new experiences that I have
my decision to live in Jakarta was to find a job, because in my hometown it is very difficult to get a job, besides getting a job, I also want to learn a lot from people who have been successful in Jakarta.

At the beginning I went to Jakarta because I was invited by my siblings who have now separated because of their respective activities. Now I work in a self-development company in the technology sector and I have learned a lot about digital marketing and programming, Many clients come to my office to learn how to run a business and increase revenue.

Digital marketing is still very popular with business people because the goal is to be able to increase income in the business sector they have. On another occasion I will provide some tips for starting a business for beginners and how to increase sales using digital marketing strategies.

This is all I can write for my self introduction, I hope that next time I can continue writing all my stories and experiences that I want to share.