My CTP Weekly Report #24 - Adding Tasks To My Agenda

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This week was super-busy for me as I have added a few new stuff to my agenda... As my new tasks, I'm doing every day at least two videos for my blogs... And besides that, I have received an invitation from @flaxz to moderate CTPTalk post for his ThisIsAwesome project...

I was flattered with the offer and I couldn't reject such an honor... But it brings something else with it, and that is responsible for picking the best content every day... And it takes additional time, but I hope that it will become my routine and it will take less time...

It's not an excuse, but these are reasons for my poorer results at ClickTrackProfit this week...

At least, I'm still keeping that calendar month in green... :)


As for rankings, I'm still CTP Rookie, level 13, but I have leveled up my Badge Rank to Gold Connoisseur level 9. Also, I have leveled up Team Rank to Gold Coach level 14, Scavenger Rank to Bronze Scrounger level 15 and Gauntlet rank to Platinum Critic level 14.

As for badges, I have found a new one at CruisinXchange, so I have 72 different badges at the moment, and 708 in total

At the moment I have 46.9K staked CTP tokens and I'm manually curating quality posts on the CTPTalk platform... So, if you are creating content, and it is relevant to the niche (aff. marketing, business, personal development, experiences), you can expect some upvotes from me. :)


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I look forward to your take on moderating. Awesome decision by Erik @flaxz
I think between the two of you it can only grow.
One I look for every day to give a vote to as it is Awesome what Erik has going.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Rob! And thanks for all the support!

Thanks a lot for the mention and your nice words Crowsin, stay awesome.

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Green it must be, Green is the new Color of the World, Green is everything at moment..Success

Green is the color of "GO FOR IT!" :)

keep the month green...well done
and badges rock

Thanks! I'm trying to stay green :)

You have done great progress Zoltan, and I am very thankful to have you onboard thisisawesome, you do an awesome job picking the CTP posts, and I think you will make a routine of it, keep up your awesome work. !BEER !tip

Thanks, Erik... I will do my best to serve every day the best CTP posts out there for thisisawesome project.

I am sure you will, it's important to reward awesome content to get people motivated to be active and creative and grow the Steem and CTPtalk ecosystem, stay awesome.