My CTP Weekly Report #26 - Over 50K Staked CTP Tokens!

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This week was really crazy... Don't know why, maybe it's that addicting game, but I don't think so... I was working almost every day, all day, and I still didn't have time to do my daily Scavenger hunt... But, at least, I have saves a couple of unicorns... :)

On the other side, I have spent a lot of time on CTPTalk, curating and moderating for @thisisawesome project and that was my main occupation this week. Also, I didn't miss results by doing that... I have accumulated over 50K CTP tokens that are staked and creating tokens for others by upvoting them!

I'm still coloring green my calendar, and I hope I will continue by doing it regularly...


Upgrading general CTP Rank isn't an easy job, so I'm still CTP Level 13, and probably will stay like that for a few months...

On the other side, I have upgraded my Badge Rank to Gold Connoisseur level 10, my Teams Rank to Bronze Leader level 6, Gauntlet Rank to Bronze Reviewer level 11 and Explorer Rank to Bronze Scout level 3.

As for badges, I didn't do too much as I said at the beginning... Scavenger Hunts were an important part of collecting badges in the previous weeks, but, as I didn't do them this week a couple of times, it shows on the number of badges. I have 72 different badges and 751 badge in total.

At the moment I have 50.9K staked CTP tokens and I'm manually curating quality posts on the CTPTalk platform... So, if you are creating content, and it is relevant to the niche (aff. marketing, business, personal development, experiences), you can expect some upvotes from me. :)


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Keep up the good work @ph1102 - Everyday sees progression :)

Thanks, Russell... I can do more... :)

What is important to have fun in the process and make sure you don't burn yourself. ;)

You are right... That's why I'm using Actifit... to control myself, take breaks and to walk regularly OUTSIDE the house :)

This is awesome!! Keep on going!!

Thanks, Sig! I will!

You are doing an awesome job moderating the CTP posts Zoltan, and you are progressing well in ClickTrackProfit as well, and by the way you can use some of the tokens to promote your list, login ads are the best, unfortunately I have not been able to buy any yet due to FirePay not yet working with the Steem Keychain version in SteemWallet, but I hope @blainjones will fix that soon, stay awesome.

Thanks, Erik! The plan is to invest some of my CTP tokens in list promotion... I just have to get myself together and create a good LCP and I'm ready to go...

I thought you had a good LCP Zoltan, I signed up from it.

always good post. i think that even you login to ctp. and you don't go to recurring task and claim it doesn't count. i noitced that in my members area.

Yes, you have to go to recurring tasks and click... ;)

Thanks for your comment!