The Hero's Journey

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

I'm following a phone application with a bunch of different articles and came across one that can be adapted to any kind of journey you may be going through!

The article is called "The Hero's Journey", and, of course, the hero is YOU!


The Hero's Journey includes 12 Stages, and some of you probably already journeyed a long way.

Let's go in depth through each Stage. I will be using myself through the journey:

The Ordinary World

For a second remind me of the Duran Duran song! lol

This is life before you started your journey.

My life before Click Track Profit, Hive and CTPTalk.

Call to Adventure

This is the moment when things change. The "spark" that helps you realize you are no longer satisfied with your "Ordinary World" and you are ready for a change.

When I knew about the launch of a brand new CTP, that spark came in. "Maybe I should at least take a look..."

Refusal of The Call

These are those moments when you are afraid. Afraid that it won't work. Afraid that it's too hard. You're afraid that it will be like those other times before that you tried but didn't succeed.

Even though the emails were saying it was different and brand new concepts and all, part of me already knew that I would probably fail this time as well...

Meeting The Mentor

This is when you start something and meet your coaches or mentors.

In my case, I met @jongolson and @blainjones! And the awesome CTP Talk community that they are also, for sure, a bit of mentors and coaches!

Crossing The Threshold

You cross the threshold when you really commit to making changes.

Getting out of my comfort zone while creating my firsts blog posts, getting the habit of writing everyday, sending emails and eventually creating my first video blogs!

#2020Vision and #IAmAliveChallenge were also a way to cross the threshold!

Test, Allies & Enemies

This is real life, the challenges you face from day to day.

It's been a real test for me last few years as a Mother for the first time, then going back to my job as a Spa Therapist and then this new adventure of Affiliate Marketing.

Approaching your inmost Cave

This is where you're going to face your inner dragons, aka those nagging fears, thought distortions, and negative thoughts that are still lurking within.

These everyone has, more or less, but still have some dragons somewhere in their inner cave.

My self esteem and confidence normally is very low, the fear to write and talk in front of people still haunts me.

Facing your Supreme Ordeal

This is where the hero, YOU, will create a plan to tackle your worst triggers, and emerge victorious!


Seizing your Sword

This is the stage where the hero is granted a big reward - like King Arthur pulling the sword from the stone - You've proved you're worthy to wield this great weapon!

I consider the CTP Training, Hive and CTPTalk my sword that I could eventually pull out from the stone! Oh yeah this is a great weapon if used wisely!

The Road to your new normal

This is where you begin finding the path you'll follow back home, to your new life. Your new normal includes all your new habits, and the strategies you'll use to stay on track forever.

All the training in Click Track Profit and all the new habits I created here in the Blockchain will be with me forever!

Returning with the Elixir

This is the last stage of the hero's journey, where You, the Hero, go home a changed person. This is where you share your secrets with those who want to follow you and you begin your new life!

The creation of CTP Blueprint can be considered my Elixir that now I share with You!

Quite an Adventure huh?

And I'm really grateful for it!

Cheers for many journeys and adventures to come!!

What Stage are you in right now?

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Good stuff, Eliana! Thanks for sharing!

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Wow this is great on so many levels Eliana, thanks a lot for sharing and great to follow your journey so far, and good luck on the path ahead, stay awesome.

Thank you Erik! This journey is been awesome for sure! Working hard for yourself and helping others is always worth it! All the best for your advetures :)


This deserves a reblog. Very good to read. Personal and very interesting. Well done.

Thank you so much!

I like how you used there Hero's Journey as framing. :)

the journey of the hero happens on the real life